New Restaurant opened at Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy in Moscow

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Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy announced the opening of a new restaurant at the hotel.

Acapella Restaurant & Lounge located on the 2nd floor of the hotel is the place that recaptures fresh, healthy and delicious food and rediscovers the real taste of products. It is also home to a variety of local wines and drinks made out of organic fruits and vegetables. The restaurant’s main emphasis is to be more locally oriented and organic, while maintaining affordable dining and exquisite ingredients.

“A capella” is a musical term meaning a polyphonic choral singing without instrumental accompaniment. Usually only vocalists with good experience and knowledge of music literacy are allowed to be part of the choir. How it can be related to the food? It is believed, that cooking is similar to singing. In the new restaurant, guests can enjoy “pure” and exquisite food taste that will not be suppressed with spices and sauces, because natural taste, as a natural diamond, is rare and valuable.

The menu for the Acapella Restaurant & Lounge was created by Ivan Tishkin, Chef de Cuisine, who was previously the Chef of the panoramic City Space Bar. The beverage menu was created by Elena Chernoguzova, Beverage Manager, Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy.

Restaurant’s dishes, as a choir, contain only the best natural products and ingredients that were selected because of their high quality. The menu offers a modern interpretation of dishes of European and Russian cuisine. The restaurant’s team focuses on products with Russian origin, as well as eco-friendly, organic ingredients and a modern cooking technique - Sous Vide. About 70% of all the products used are local. “We use a lot of Russian products and recipes and we offer them in a novel way. For example, some dishes are prepared at low temperatures in a vacuum atmosphere. This technique helps to keep the maximum of minerals and nutrients in food. When this cooking method is used, meat becomes softer and juicier and fish has denser texture and richer taste”, - comments Ivan Tishkin.

This concept is also reflected in the interior design of the Acapella Restaurant & Lounge. As the choir consists of different voices, the design of the restaurant is an amazing combination of diverse tones and areas.

The Acapella’s front features a lounge overlooking the lobby while the second half is an a-la carte restaurant. Acapella is a cozy place that brings the sophistication of a Russian touch with a more modern, urban tone. Exuding style and personality it is an ideal place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and also get together either on business or private purposes. The capacity of the venue is 150 seats. The Acapella Restaurant & Lounge is open from 07am till 11pm daily.

Restaurant’s guests also enjoy free parking and Wi-Fi.

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