Roomer Announces Expansion Throughout The U.S.

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Roomer, the online marketplace that empowers people to sell their non-refundable hotel reservations and provides prospective travelers access to the best possible prices on these would-be empty hotel rooms, announced its expansion into cities across the United States.

Growing beyond its original New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas anchor markets, Roomer now provides consumers a safe, convenient platform to find outstanding deals on hotel rooms nationwide, and an easy way to sell their rooms when they can’t make their trip.

“Our idea is simple: Roomer allows travelers to find a competitive hotel deal, while helping someone else out,” says CEO and Founder of Roomer, Gon Ben David. “The site serves as a marketplace where people who need to cancel a trip anywhere in the US can connect with those looking to plan one. Users can look at our company as a new system that brings good ‘karma’ to the consumer market; as for sellers, this means reduction of cancellation fees or total loss of monies spent on hotel stays they can’t use and, for travelers, lower prices on hotel rooms everywhere.”

In a market that sees $8.6 billion wasted annually in non-refundable hotel room cancellations, Roomer is a safe and effective travel solution that, for the seller, greatly reduces the cost of these cancellations. In addition Roomer enables hotels to keep their inventory occupied and generate additional revenue from these guests that would have been lost were the room to remain unused. Hotel rooms available through Roomer provide savings upward of 50% off the original price and include properties in areas such as New York City’s trendy Chelsea, rooms on The Strip in Las Vegas and palatial suites in San Francisco.

“Roomer is the first company ever to provide a solution for non-refundable hotel room cancellations and does so in a way that is both helpful and trustworthy to all parties affected by these cancellations,” says Managing Director of Roomer, Richie Karaburun. “We create a new solution, and dramatically increase customer satisfaction for our hotel partners during the cancellation process for nonrefundable rooms. In addition, an empty room also means empty bars and restaurants for many hotels. Roomer can now fill those rooms for the hotelier by helping sellers find buyers and buyers find room deals. With this, hotels maintain occupancy rates which in turn increase its incremental revenue.”

To ensure authenticity of the hotel availabilities it features, Roomer’s automated validation system verifies the every seller-submitted reservation. After the reservation is confirmed with the hotel, the available room is uploaded onto its own page on Roomer, complete with images, maps and reviews of the hotel, which are all part of the complete service provided to members. Once a hotel room is booked, Roomer transfers the reservation into the new traveler’s name, allowing for them to check-in at the hotel. Payment to the seller is then transferred after the buyer checks out of the hotel. For buyers, this process guarantees they get what they see and for sellers, Roomer’s secure payment vault ensures compensation.

For more information, please visit: or call 1 (646) 571-2170.


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