Top 10 performing Major International Airlines

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The FlightStats monthly On-time Performance Report compares the on-time performance of scheduled passenger flights operated by the top airlines throughout various regions globally as well as top performing airports based on their reported departure performance.

airplanesMajor International airlines on average delivered 75.85% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in June, down from May’s 80.70%.

Cancellations for the group were 1.39%, up a fraction from 1.09% last month. Six major international carriers: (SA) South African, (GF) Gulf Air, (NH) ANA, (JL) Japan Airlines, (AY) Finnair, and (VO) Tyrolean Airways delivered over 90% of their flights on time.

The top 10 performing major international airlines and their on-time percentages were:

1 (SA) South African 93.33%

2 (GF) Gulf Air 92.06%

3 (NH) ANA 91.42%

4 (JL) Japan Airlines 91.29%

5 (AY) Finnair 90.34%

6 (VO) Tyrolean Airways 90.27%

7 (KL) KLM 89.70%

8 (U2) EasyJet 87.20%

9 (KE) Korean Air Lines 86.80%

10 (IB) Iberia 85.70%

North America's top 10 performing airlines

1 (HA) Hawaiian 92.23%

2 (5D) Aeroméxico Connect 90.84%

3 (QX) Horizon 90.82%

4 (AS) Alaska 86.80%

5 (QK) Jazz 84.29%

6 (CP) Compass 82.47%

7 (AC) Air Canada 81.28%

8 (WS) Westjet 80.61%

9 (OO) SkyWest 78.45%

10 (F9) Frontier 78.36%

The top 10 on-time arrival performers among European carriers:

1 (NT) Binter Canarias 99.41%

2 (TF) Malmo Aviation 95.56%

3 (WA) KLM Cityhopper 93.60%

4 (ZN) NAYSA 92.20%

5 (CJ) BA CityFlyer 90.92%

6 (DY) Norwegian Air Shuttle 90.77%

7 (AY) Finnair 90.34%

8 (VO) Tyrolean Airways 90.27%

9 (WF) Widerøe's 90.06%

10 (KF) Blue1 89.73%

The top 10 on-time arrival performers among Asian carriers:

1 (BX) Air Busan 96.77%

2 (XM1) J-Air 95.64%

3 (HD) Hokkaido 95.32%

4 (FD) Thai AirAsia 94.35%

5 (EH) ANA Wings 93.35%

6 (NU) Japan Transocean 92.90%

7 (JC) JAL Express 92.71%

8 (NH) ANA 91.42%

9 (JL) Japan Airlines 91.29%

10 (3X) Japan Air Commuter 89.93%



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