Airbus beats Boeing in sales and orders

  • Published by Vedat
European aircraft maker Airbus beats US rival Boeing with record sales and orders last year. However it came second in terms of delivery of finished airliners.

airbus-a350Airbus exceeded commercial targets in 2013, achieving a new record of 626 aircraft deliveries (493 A320 Family aircraft, 108 A330, 25 A380) to 93 customers (15 new) and a new industry record of 1619 gross orders (377 A320ceo, 876 A320neo, 77 A330, 239 A350 XWB, 50 A380) beating the previous record in 2011 by 11 aircraft. The year was also Airbus’ most valuable gross order intake (List price US$ 240.5 billion). By year end, the backlog had climbed to an industry wide record of 5,559 aircraft, valued at US$ 809 billion at list prices, or eight years production.

On the other hand, Boeing booked 1,531 gross commercial orders in 2013, a new company record and 1,355 net commercial orders in 2013, the second-largest number in company history. Boeing (NYSE: BA) set a company record in 2013 for the most commercial airplanes delivered in a single year with 648. The company's unfilled commercial orders stood at 5,080 at the end of the year – also a new Boeing record.

In 2012, Boeing had beaten Airbus in terms of orders and deliveries.

“In 2014, there will be further improvements in our global competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness. The focus also will be on incremental innovation that is simpler, less risky, less costly and comes faster to market” said Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier.

b787-9For 2014, Airbus aims to sell more than the minimum 623 aircraft it plans to deliver.

Airbus is producing 42 A320 aircraft per month and had previously said that it did not want to increase this rate of production until it had converted to producing the latest, more fuel-efficient version, the A320neo.

The first A320neo is due to be delivered in 2015.

With the passenger air traffic growing by five per cent per year and greater fuel economy promised by the A320neo and new versions of Boeing aircraft, there has been strong demand from airlines to update their fleets.


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