SWISS joined the crowd and start selling seats

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

SWISS customers can now add a number of individual services to enhance their air travel experience.

swiss-a320Following up on its redesign of its website, SWISS will be further expanding its products and services over the next few months. As a first step here, any SWISS customer can now reserve their preferred seat for a fee online at in advance of their flight – an emergency exit row seat, for instance, with its greater legroom, or a seat just behind the Business Class section and close to the door.

Under the new SWISS Choice “Advanced Seat Reservation” option a “standard seat” can be reserved for CHF 9 in Europe or CHF 29 on long-haul flights, while a “preferred-zone seat” will cost CHF 19 within Europe or CHF 49 long-haul. An “extra-legroom seat” is available for CHF 35 on European services and CHF 99 on long-haul flights. Seats can be reserved any time from 11 months to 48 hours before departure, for any flight from 15 July onwards. The remaining seats will still be selectable free of charge when checking in within 23 hours of departure.

A further new SWISS Choice service will be introduced on 29 July. “Special Surprise” will enable customers to give themselves or a travel companion a little treat on board. The selection, all orderable on, will initially extend to a bottle of champagne (CHF 59), a bottle of fine red wine (CHF 55) and – on long-haul flights – a fruit or chocolate cake (CHF 48). This range should be steadily expanded, too. The Special Surprise will be presented to the recipient by the cabin crew during the flight, together with a personal message from the originator. Special Surprises are available on flights both from and to Switzerland.

In a further SWISS Choice innovation, customers can now also pre-order duty-free items in advance of their flight, via an online order form on, by email or by phone. The new service is offered for any long-haul service and for selected European flights, and is available from four weeks to four days before departure. The item(s) ordered will be supplied on board by the cabin personnel.

SWISS customers already enjoy the “Hold the Booking” option, which was introduced in March 2013 and which enables them – for a fee – to keep a provisional reservation open for 48 to 72 hours at a guaranteed fare. If it is not cancelled by the corresponding deadline, the reservation will be automatically confirmed.



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