SAS launches new low cost class

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

sas flight

On 8 September, SAS will be introducing a new concept – SAS Go Light. This new offering is a supplement to the existing SAS Go and SAS Plus, and will be available on routes between Scandinavia and Europe. SAS Go Light is aimed at customers who want to travel only carrying hand luggage and secure their seats at the lowest possible price, and gives SAS’ customers an even greater choice to satisfy their travel needs.      

The September launch of SAS’ new offering, SAS Go Light, will significantly increase the number of options available to customers. The existing SAS Go and SAS Plus products will remain unchanged. SAS Go Light is a supplementary low-cost offering, aimed at people who want to travel without checking in luggage. As with all SAS products, SAS Go Light allows tickets to be re-booked within 24 hours, affords the option of selecting seats 22 hours before departure and gives travellers tea and coffee on board the aircraft. Customers may also pay for access to the SAS Lounge or to take extra luggage.

“We’re seeing significant demand from today’s travellers for a more scaled-down alternative and lower price ticket. That’s why we’ve decided to launch SAS Go Light – a low-cost concept that is aimed at those who want to travel without checked luggage. As both SAS Go and SAS Plus will remain unchanged, our product range is set to become even wider, making it easier for our customers to choose the option that best matches their travel needs,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, VP Customer Journey & Loyalty at SAS.

The price of SAS Go Light will be around EUR 14 lower than SAS Go, and travellers will be able to add checked luggage for an additional EUR 25. Therefore, buying an SAS Go ticket will be the more cost-effective option if you need to check in bags.

The benefits normally afforded to SAS EuroBonus members will also be available on SAS Go Light. This means that Silver, Gold and Diamond members travelling on an SAS Go Light ticket will be able to check in luggage at no additional cost.

The concept is set to be rolled out on 8 September, initially as a test on routes between Scandinavia and six European countries – Finland, France, Greece, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain. SAS Go Light will not be available on routes within Scandinavia. More information will be available at on 8 September.



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