Americans are hard workers, no time for relaxation

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

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Americans are hard workers, but when it comes to taking a break, they just can’t relax. Princess Cruises studies Americans and what they do on their vacation days. According to the Princess Cruises’ sixth annual Relaxation Report, over half (54%) of Americans spend their vacation days dealing with personal obligations such as family emergencies, doctor’s or dentist’s appointments and sick days for their children or loved ones rather than actually vacationing.

And the mere thought of asking their boss for a few extra days off causes more stress than asking for a pay raise for nearly a quarter (22%) of American workers, according to the recent survey by Wakefield Research for Princess Cruises.

On this National Relaxation Day (Saturday, August 15,) the idea of stress and relaxation is an important discussion to be had with our 24/7 always-on American culture. Stress triggers are on the rise with nearly a one-third of people who get stressed at just the thought of relaxing, up from 28-percent in 2014. And 42-percent frequently feel guilty about relaxing, also up from 38-percent last year. For more than a third of Americans (36%), it’s even more difficult to find time to relax than to live within their budget!

National Relaxation Day Infographic

"In the six years that Princess Cruises has commissioned this survey, we’ve continued to see stress levels rise year after year …” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. "We aren’t giving ourselves permission to truly let go and relax, and whether that’s because of the demands on our intense lives or our own guilt, this is an unsustainable trend that can have a genuinely adverse impact on our society as a whole.”

Even summertime brings no reprieve. Despite the sunshine, warm weather and break from school schedules, more than three quarters (77%) of parents are busier during the summer months compared to the rest of the year. That’s due in part to the stress that comes with planning – and taking – an actual vacation for half (50%) of Americans who find things like research and handling travel logistics stressful, and over half (55%) who return feeling the need for a vacation from their vacation.

On the optimistic side however, Americans still believe they can achieve the dream of finding relaxation, with two-thirds (66%) who agree that taking a cruise would be the best way to experience life and relaxation all in one vacation. Proudly, Princess Cruises offers an array of options for any traveler looking to “come back new” aboard its worldwide fleet of ships in exotic destinations.



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