More than 250,000 participated in medical scientific conventions in Germany

The convention year 2011 is not over yet, but the members of ‚SevenCenters’ (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart) already report another record year with reference to large medical conventions organized at their centres.

This was announced by the representatives of SevenCenters Edgar Hirt and Hilmar Guckert at the press conference during the Imex America .The conventions are mostly annual national and international conventions from all medical faculties, from anaesthesia to cell biology. The expenditure incurred by convention participants at hotels, restaurants, the retail trade and for taxi rides adds up to about 250 million Euros in all seven cities.

A much more interesting realization though is the fact that this type of event format has been understood as a mirror of the social health system with all its networks in science, research, pharmacy, medical technology, prevention and rehabilitation for many years. However, the organizers, i.e. the national and international medical professional associations, make the highest demands on the hosting destination and their convention centres where these ‘further-training programmes’, often lasting up to five days, are held.

At this point one should not only put forward the added economic value for the individual destination, but also very clearly the ‘added education value’, as mankind ultimately owes its higher life expectancy and better quality of life to medical progress.

The members of SevenCenters of Germany are: ICC Berlin Internationales Congress Centrum, DüsseldorfCongress, Congress Frankfurt, CCH Congress Center Hamburg, Congress-Centrum Kölnmesse – KölnKongress, ICM Internationales Congress Center München and ICS Internationals Congress Center Stuttgart.

Due to the regional distribution of the seven convention centres over the whole of Germany, they are able to offer organizers of big international conventions a wide range of facilities in all the business centres of the Federal Republic of Germany. All members have convention facilities of similar dimensions with direct connection to a large exhibition centre.