New Medical Massage Treatment Program in London

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

OsteopathyEspa Life at Corinthia Hotel London introduced an innovative Medical Massage program that taps into the need for both physical and emotional support for busy travelers and London professionals. This treatment moves massage into a new medical realm, and is a true embodiment of ESPA Life’s overall wellness offering.

The Medical Massage treatment is about identifying the root cause of health problems, and treating them holistically, working on the entire body and mind as a whole. For those suffering, or wishing to prevent, physical pain and emotional stresses, the Medical Massage offers restoration, rehabilitation, and relaxation. Through Medical Massage, ESPA Life’s expert practitioners are improving the physiological and neurological well being of on-the-go guests in a non-invasive, natural, and calming way, by combining their knowledge of the human anatomy with an holistic understanding of health.

Four expert practitioners have been scouted from around the world, to offer support and relief through bespoke Medical Massage treatments. Each differ in their technique and philosophy, which means there is a practitioner suited to various personality types:

•         James Mutkin – A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, James uses Chinese medicine as an holistic healthcare model. His Medical Massage is inspired by this, incorporating cupping techniques, deep-tissue massage, and acupuncture. Mapping out trouble spots with his hands, James tests pressure points on the body to relieve tensions and strains. James fuses traditional theory with client insight as well as the latest medical research.

•         Lucja Maslowska - Specializing in Holistic Medical Massage techniques, Lucja’s philosophy is a mixture of Western therapeutic massage and Eastern concepts of energy. Lucja instinctively and expertly pin-points and tailors each treatment, finding the root cause of muscular issues and pain. Unlike traditional non-medical massages, Lucja reaches to the deepest of muscles, releasing the tensions and toxins that inhibit equilibrium.

•         Heshmat Nasiri – A qualified physiotherapist and expert in musculoskeletal and neurological therapy, Heshmat has designed a unique Medical Massage that is both continuous and flowing – his hands never leaving the body. Through soft tissue mobilization this massage modality releases toxins from the muscles by increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to the tissue. This relieves pain, strengthens the muscle, releases tension, and will leave you feeling connected and energized in the body and mind.

•         Roopjeet Panesar - Master of Osteopathy and Naturopathy, Roopjeet’s Medical Massage is both physical and precise, gently manipulating the spine, joints, and skull to relieve pain, inflammation, and tension in the tissue. He is also a qualified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, a method that facilitates the body’s natural healing process, and is receiving increasing recognition for its ability to relieve physical and mental stress.

“Modern life demands instant everything…and that is rarely good for you in the long term,” says Sue Harmsworth, CEO and founder of ESPA. With its award winning reputation for having therapists and medical professionals working side by side in a luxury setting, ESPA Life has come up with a solution – Medical Massage.

“Our practitioners understand that our twenty-first century lifestyles have implications on our physical and mental health. It is not only the physical support, but emotional support they offer their guests, that signifies their success.” - Nichola Roche, Spa Director, ESPA Life.



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