U.S. Citizen International Travel Outbound Up Two Percent

  • Published by Vedat

U.S. travel to overseas markets reached 26.2 million, up six percent in the first eleven months. Regional results were:

•           Europe, 10.5 million travelers, up four percent

•           Caribbean, 5.9 million travelers, up seven percent

•           Asia, 4.0 million travelers, up five percent

•           Central America, 2.1 million travelers, up 11 percent

•           South America, 1.5 million travelers, up three percent

•           Middle East, 1.4 million travelers, up 12 percent

•           Oceania, 487,000 travelers, up nine percent

•           Africa, 334,000 travelers, flat

U.S. travel to North American markets totaled 29.3 million, flat compared to 2011.

•           Mexico, 18.1 million travelers, down one percent; air travel (5.2 million) was up four percent

•           Canada, 11.1 million travelers, up two percent; air travel (3.3 million) up by two percent

November 2012 Year-to Date Market Share

U.S. travel to overseas locations accounted for 47 percent of U.S. outbound international travel.

•           Europe, a 19 percent share;

•           Caribbean, an 11 percent share;

•           Asia, a seven percent share;

•           Central America, a four percent share;

•           South America, a three percent share;

•           Middle East, almost three percent share;

•           Oceania, a one percent share, and

•           Africa, a one percent share.

North American markets received 53 percent of all U.S. international outbound travel.

•           U.S. travel to Mexico a 33 percent share; and

•           Canada a 20 percent share.

Total U.S. outbound travel by month: January, up one percent; February, up 12 percent; March, up eight percent; April, up almost one percent; May, up one percent; June, up five percent; July, down three percent, August, up four percent, September and October, both up almost one percent and November, up two percent.



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