Shiseido adds more luxury to ANA flights and lounges

  • Published by Vedat

ANA will start offering Shiseido cosmetics and treatments from April 1 on ANA's international First Class flights and in ANA’s First Class lounges at Narita and Haneda Airports.

As of April 1, “The Ginza Cosmetics” basic skincare set from Shiseido - will be provided in First Class cabins.

Also as of April 1, a bath-time set of “Le Monde D’Or” - the luxury brand of Shiseido’s subsidiary, Shiseido Amenity Goods Co. - will be provided in the shower booths at ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Narita and Haneda. “Le Monde D’Or” skin lotion and skin milk will also be placed in the lavatories in First Class as well as the First Class lounges.

ginza-shiseido“The Ginza Cosmetics” basic skincare set

“The Ginza Cosmetics” is an original brand set up by The Ginza in 2002. The brand is for high-function skincare products aimed at protecting the skin. Simple to use, they are for all skin types and help to create beautiful skin.

First Class passengers will be provided with three basic skincare items (facial cleanser, skin lotion and skin milk) and facial cotton pads. In addition to this set, passengers will be given original ANA packs each consisting of a toothbrush set, eye mask and ear plugs in specially-made bags*.

*On flightsdeparting fromJapan, the amenities will be inSamsonite bags (right in photo), while on flights arriving inJapan, amenities will bein bags manufactured by Rimowa (left inphoto).

Le Monde D’Or Bath-Time Set

“Le Monde D’Or is a brand which Shiseido Amenity Goods will launch on April 1, 2013. The brand will be based on Shiseido’s 140-year tradition of cultivating science and fine sensibilities, and of placing utmost importance on the spirit of “omotenashi” (hospitality). The brand will offer the highest grade of amenity products, mainly for use in luxurious hotels.

For passengers using the shower booths in the ANA suite lounge, the bath-time set consisting of three items (shampoo, conditioner and body soap) will be available. This bath-time set can be taken home.

“Le Monde D’Or” skin lotion and skin milk (installed in fixed places)

In First Class and at the First Class lounges at Narita and Haneda airports, bottles of “Le Monde D’Or” skin lotion and skin milk will be placed in the washrooms. Passengers are invited to use them to prevent skin dehydration during flights or when waiting in the lounges.


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