No Tourism when there is war

  • Published by Suat Tore

Holiday season is coming to end but marketing for 2014 starts.

suat2While the busy holiday season of 2013 is coming to its end, we are starting marketing season for the next year.

Exhibitions in growing destinations; Vietnam, Moscow’s winter travel exhibition, PATA Travel Mart that will be held in China are the important events that we will follow up.

And with other exhibitions, tourism professionals will travel one place to another.

Europe had a poor summer season in terms of tourism

Bloody situation that started and still continues in Egypt, later short term complications in Tunisia, and Syria…

War and complexity are the most important factors that influence travel preference. No one will go to Tunisia and Egypt.

Issues with Syria became a global issue when countries like USA, UK, France, Italy… etc. interfered with happenings in the country. Therefore people will postpone their travel, even don’t go out of their houses.

Our wish is holidaymakers to visit every destination they want to travel.

Wishing peace for Earth, what else can we want?

Suat Tore



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