LUX* Resorts expands into China

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

LUX* Resorts & Hotels ("LUX*") announced the LUX* Tea Horse Road (LUX* Chamadao) as the foundation for its planned expansion into China.

Conceived as a 30-room luxury boutique hotel, situated on two neighbouring sites in the heart of Lijiang Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Phase One (10 rooms) of LUX* Lijiang opens on September 09, 2014. Phase Two (20 rooms), which will incorporate the brand's signature Café LUX*, a bakery and a localised interpretation of the established LUX* Me wellbeing philosophy, should open in mid-2015.

Under the terms of a long-term management agreement, executed in March 2014, LUX* Lijiang will be the first in a circuit of distinctive regional luxury boutique hotels. Initially located across the abundant South West provinces of Yunnan and Szechuan as well as bordering Tibet, the complete circuit of individual properties and bespoke experiences will be known collectively as the LUX* Tea Horse Road. The circuit is being developed by Lijiang Yulong Tourism Corporation Limited, which will own the properties as well as being responsible for their design and construction, in partnership with LUX* Resorts & Hotels who will be the manager.


The ancient passageway of the Tea Horse Road is a legendary trail, which once stretched almost 1,400 miles from Pu'er, in the tea-growing region of Yunnan Province, to Lhasa - the 12,000 foot high capital of Tibet. Once a thriving ecosystem where precious Chinese tea was traded for salt and Tibet- an horses, this intrepid route sustained communities, fostered understanding and forged cultural connections that have survived for hundreds of years. Today, it is celebrated as an enduring symbol of resilience and cultural tolerance, and its influence is still felt far and wide.

The LUX* Tea Horse Road will enable today's adventurous luxury traveller to embark on a unique journey of discovery and transformation; an expeditionary experience that will stimulate body, mind and soul.

Positioned at a major crossroads of the ancient Tea Horse Road, in the home of the Naxi people, LUX* Lijiang will encourage guests to engage with the rich history and culture of this unique locale throughout their stay - from the authentic architecture and design to the customizable menu of daily excursions and experiences that will be offered. LUX* favorites will be complemented by new experiences that celebrate the local culture, affording travellers a true insight into this undiscovered world from the rituals that surround the world-famous Pu'er tea, to the distinctive cuisines of the Naxi, and the Tibetan people and the spiritual mysteries of a truly multi-faith society.



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