Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations 2015

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

switchfly luxury travel index 2015

The 2015 Luxury Travel Index ranked destinations by average length of stay, using data from technology and booking company Switchfly’s global booking engine, and give some insight into the traveling habits of people flying first class and sleeping five star. The data revealed that although the majority of top luxury travel destinations are European, the top two luxury travel destinations are in Asia and the Middle East, respectively.

Luxury travelers are spending at least twice as much time on their vacation as the average American does.

Seoul, South Korea topped Switchfly’s Luxury Travel list with an average visit time of 13 days. Dubai, UAE, home of the world’s busiest international airport, took #2, with an average trip time of 12.7 days. Milan, Italy (12.3 days), Athens, Greece (11.5 days), and Singapore (11.1 days) rounded out the top 5.

Switchfly’s research also discovered that the average Luxury Travel vacation is more than a week long, and the top 15 destinations vary from an average length of stay of 8.3 days in Miami, Florida, USA to 13 days in Seoul, South Korea. Greece’s economic problems have been a boon to travelers, and the country ranks as the most popular country with three cities in the Top 15. Athens, Greece is the 4th most popular Luxury Travel destinations, while Crete and Mykonos come in at #12 and #13, respectively.

Switchfly’s Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations (By Length of Stay):

1. Seoul, South Korea (13.0 days)
2. Dubai, UAE (12.7 days)
3. Milan, Italy (12.3 days)
4. Athens, Greece (11.5 days)
5. Singapore (11.1 days)
6. Frankfurt, Germany (11 days)
7. Sao Paulo, Brazil (tied - 10.6 days)
7. Hong Kong, China (tied - 10.6 days)
9. Bali, Indonesia (10 days)
10. Lisbon, Portugal (9.7 days)
11. Tokyo, Japan (9.6 days)
12. Crete, Greece (9.2 days)
13. Mykonos, Greece (8.7 days)
14. Rome, Italy (8.5 days)
15. Miami, Florida, USA (8.3 days)

Together, Asian and European destinations dominate the industry with 13-out-of 15 of the most popular destinations. While the continent of Europe still holds a majority share of destinations on the list (7 out of 15), Asia is hot on its heels with 5 of the 15 top spots and 2 in the top 5 (Seoul and Singapore). The Americas, on the other hand, only placed twice in the top 15, and not strongly: Sao Paolo, Brazil tied with Hong Kong for 7th place and Miami, Florida — the only U.S.A. destination to place at all — came in 15th, with an average luxury trip of 8.3 days.



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