An Avantgarde Analysis of ILTM Cannes

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

mete ismet iltm2015Mete Üsküdarlı and Ismet ÖztanıkThe Avantgarde Collection, based in Istanbul, has attended the International Luxury Travel Market – ILTM Cannes where over 60,000 business generating meetings took place between luxury travel brands and over 1500 luxury travel agents representing the highest net worth travelers across the globe. Following the event, ftnNEWS has talked with the Mete Üsküdarlı, General Manager of Avantgarde Yalıkavak.

How long have you been attending ILTM? If it’s not your first time, can you compare this year's event with previous ones? Will you also attend other ILTM events and further luxury travel events? Which ones will you attend?

ILTM is one of the world’s most prestigious events, bringing the highest level of quality suppliers and buyers together at an event with up to 60 exclusive one-on-one appointments, afterhours networking opportunities as well as up to four nights of luxury shows. We’re looking forward to discovering for ourselves why ILTM Cannes is the show to visit, to find out all the exciting new developments in luxury travel in France and to ensure we are fully up-to-speed with all the finest experiences for our affluent clients. We’ve been attending ILTM Cannes for the past 2 years and we love it. The quality of buyers is perfect for what we do. It’s here that we encounter the top buyers. There will alsobe opportunities to attend the ILTM official parties. We like to add new details to delight our guests each year. Luxury travellers continue to put emphasis on exploring the world and the world’s most exclusive travel destinations while hooking up with buyers from around the globe every year. ILTM Cannes 2015 was my second ILTM in Cannes. I had previously been to ILTM Americas in Mexicoin September 2015. With the right strategy, every trade show we attend is an opportunity to drastically expand our customer base. The people who attend trade shows tend to be motivated; interested in the products or services we offer and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot.

How would you describe your brand/hotel’s luxurious hospitality offer? In our earlier talks, you had mentioned opening a new property in London. Can you give us some updates about the new property project(s)?

Something that is related to self-indulgence rather than a necessity, sumptuous or expensive, abundant or offering great ease and comfort - these are all definitions of luxury. With a selection of 31 luxurious rooms and suites in Bodrum, each one of them lavishly equipped and individually designed, Avantgarde Collection Hotels based on the concept of providing exceptional service, targets guests who value luxury and have the means to pay for it. For the second year in succession, London has been voted the most attractive hotel investment destination in Europe. The City of London’s position as a global hub brings thousands of business leaders to London each year, looking for easier access to European markets through London.

What are some differentiators of the Avantgarde Collection brand from other luxury hotels?

There are many ways you can differentiate your brand.The skill lies in developing and applying the most effectivebrand differentiation strategyin a way that appropriately reflects your brand’s personality, values, promise, way of doing things and key characteristics. (Architecture and design, style, service, target market)

Do you see any new trends in luxury travel and/or luxury hotels?

The changing demands of luxury travellers push the industry to raise the ante - to get creative in offering meaningful travel experiences. Family travel is receiving an upgrade as multigenerational travel rises in popularity.Travel is no longer a luxury; it’s part of our lives and has impact on the world economy



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