Airplane Casinos could be the Next Trend

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

flight business skyscrappersLuxury travel has become a huge part of the tourism market in recent years and this has led to planes being kitted out with beds, rooms and even spas. So what’s next for this market? It could be casinos that will be taking to the air next if the market creates a demand for this service.

In the business class of most planes passengers want opulence and comfort, so it’s the perfect place for a casino. The current trend of bars and restaurants on top class flights could easily be expanded to include a table or two, according to airplane designers. These designers have come up with a concept for an inflight lounge, complete with casino games. They’re hoping to bring back the retro futuristic idea of flight, with passengers sipping on cocktails and adding a Vegas feel to their flight. Think back to 2001: A Space Odyssey and you’ll be in the right mind-set for an inflight casino.

bar shot glass

Their super sleek design incorporates all of these elements into a modern bar and casino with what they believe is just the right amount of opulence. Jean Pierre Alfano and Frederique Houssard are the men behind this project and their Casino Jet Lounge may succeed where others have failed.

The concept of gambling on a flight isn’t a new one, in the 80s a number of airlines attempted to bring this activity to their passengers. Singapore Airlines trialled this concept but the buzz around the table didn’t last long, as the novelty quickly wore off. Swissair put this into motion in the 90s in their inflight entertainment system but questions surrounding a crash and the implication that the system could have been potentially unsafe to have aboard ended this feature.

As recently as the last few years companies like Ryanair and Virgin have been toying with the idea, while they wait for technology to catch up. The former wants to keep the technology as cheap as possible, as their budget airline is all about cutting costs, and they say the Wi-Fi power isn’t at an attainable price.

mobile world

Many airlines do boast the necessary Wi-Fi systems for this and consumers can use gambling games that can be played online if they choose. Qatar Airways is one of the few to offer this feature on long haul flights, as many other airlines only offer it on domestic travels.

Whether we’ll see gambling fully implemented in its physical form is hard to say, though many airlines seem to be creeping towards it. It it’s touted as the next big thing for passengers and catches on then it’s possible that all planes may offer a form of these games, whether physical or digital.



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