Lufthansa to serve Turkish food on flights

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Starting this week Europe’s leading carrier is upgrading its onboard product on flights between Turkey and Germany with a uniquely created Turkish food selection.

lufthansa-logoThe menus are specially prepared for Lufthansa by YESAM-Culinary Arts Center of the Turkish Cultural Foundation. The preparation of the dishes is handled by the world’s largest airline catering company LSG SkyChefs e.g. at their facility at Atatürk airport.

“With more than 75 flights per week between Turkey and Germany we are connecting the two largest countries in Europe which are not only economically but also ethnically in very close and stronger growing ties. For us at Lufthansa it’s the first time to adapt our mediumhaul flight catering to a local selection of exclusive dining opportunities” said Carsten Schaeffer, Lufthansa Vice President Sales & Services South Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, during a media presentation at Nar Lokantasi Restaurant in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet area. “Clearly, Lufthansa will strengthen its position as leading foreign carrier in Turkey in 2013 – our growing fleet of brand-new Airbus A320 airplanes, new seats, smoother transfer opportunities for our passengers in Frankfurt and Munich and now an even better onboard service will differentiate us from others.”

“Each community has its own unique food culture. But only a few of them developed rich culinary cultures, just like the Turkish Cuisine, that continued its existence on three continents throughout the ages. Beyond the bare necessity of food, Turkish Cuisine reflects a unique harmony of art and taste”, said Bea Berke, Lufthansa General Manager for Turkey. “I am convinced that not only our Turkish customers will immediately feel at home, also our international passengers will have the chance to experience Turkey again when flying away”.

Working together with Lufthansa and LSG SkyChefs is Chef Vedat Başaran who is also President of YESAM Culinary Arts Center. Over a period of three months him, Lufthansa, LSG SkyChefs and have created something unique. Before these top menus can “take to the skies”, the Chef puts his head together at several meetings with the chefs employed by LSG Sky Chefs. These get-togethers further strengthen the mutual understanding of the catering philosophy; they are fruitful for both sides and an interesting experience. It is a challenging process for both the culinary maestros and Lufthansa. The aim is to ensure that exquisite menus produced in larger batches still bear the exclusivity of the chef.

“Turkish Cuisine owes its fame mainly to its diversity. Casseroles prepared with grains, vegetables and meat; soups, dishes in olive oil, pastries; unique flavors of herbs special to Anatolia and an innumerable variety of desserts and many more. The variety of crops grew in the Asian and Anatolian lands, the interactivity within many different cultures throughout history, the new tastes formed in the imperial Seljuk and Ottoman palaces and the sovereignty over the Spice Route played essential roles in the development of Turkish Cuisine culture. We are very proud to bring this tradition and colourful culinary life up in the air and to cooperate with a strong global brand like Lufthansa”, said Vedat Başaran.

As Europe’s leading airline Lufthansa has always paid strong attention to its onboard product especially in First and Business Class. For over ten years Michelin Star awarded Chefs from all over the world are creating dishes for intercontinental flights leaving from Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. For European and domestic flights Lufthansa is working together with local celebrity Chefs, some of them very popular with their on TV shows. In addition Lufthansa has been continuously applauded for its wine and champagne selection over the last years which has been created by an aviation specialized sommelier.

To enhance the dining experience in the air Lufthansa is also cooperating with Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute. Since the air pressure in the cabin of an aircraft flying at a cruising altitude of around 10,000 metres is equivalent to being at a height of 3,000 metres taste nerves become less sensitive and perceive less. Low humidity and vibrations are additional factors to be taken into account when creating food which cannot be just taken from ground to the sky. Interestingly Lufthansa’s flagship the Airbus A380 exclusively offers a Cabin Humidification and Zonal Drying System which increases the cabin humidity and therefore also supports an even better dining experience.

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