The 13th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme Begins

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The public programme events will be organised under the scope of the 13th Istanbul Biennial titled “Mom, am I barbarian?”, between February-November 2013.

ist-bienialEvents will be held with the aim of examining the ways in which publicness can be reclaimed as an artistic and political tool in the context of global financial imperialism and local social fracture.

The public programme, titled “Public Alchemy”, will be held under the co-curatorship of Fulya Erdemci, Curator of the 13th Istanbul Biennial, and Dr. Andrea Phillips who is Reader in Fine Art in the Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, and Director of the Doctoral Research Programmes in Fine Art and Curating. The public programme events will include lectures, workshops, seminars, performances and poetry readings and each cluster of events will focus on one aspect of the current urban transformations.

The first event of the public programme, titled “Making the City Public” will take place between 8-10 February in the C101 Conference Hall at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maçka Campus Faculty of Management. The events under the scope of this title will examine the social and cultural impact of Istanbul’s urban transformation and citizens’ reactions to this. This series of events will question the modus operandi of this transformation and the role of the cultural industries within it and the accessibility of civic space and the rights to the city will also be discussed.

“Making the City Public” events, which will be co-curated by Fulya Erdemci and Dr. Andrea Phillips, will include poetry reading, lecture, panel discussion, lecture illustrated by hand, improvisation and a tour to northwest Istanbul urban transformations.

The participants of the events will be leading names in their field such as poet Lale Müldür; architect, professor in Public Culture and Urbanism in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego and co-founder of Center for Urban Ecologies/CUE Teddy Cruz; artist and musician, lecturer at ITU TM Conservatory and Architecture Faculty Cevdet Erek; conceptual artist, sparkling draughtsman, educational entertainer, urban writer and uninvited city planner Christoph Schäfer; development planner and researcher Yaşar Adnan Adanalı; member of Association of Struggle Against Capitalism and writer at Sedat Doğan; member of Taksim Platform and academician Betül Tanbay; city and regional planner, social scientist İlhan Tekeli; legal advisor and member of Bir Umut Association Erbay Yucak.

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