New Project to Increase Istanbul Tourist Numbers by 15%

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A new project that comprises a theme park, an exhibition centre, and shopping streets is expected to attract many tourists to Istanbul.

vialandThe new project: VIALAND will be constructed with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and by the joint venture of Gürsoy Grup & Via Properties in Eyüp, Istanbul.

The project, which will be built on 600-decare land, will be one of the biggest regional park investments in the history of Turkish Republic with a total of 1 billion 150 million TL of cost.

According to the feasibility works and site researches conducted, it is estimated that VIALAND will provide 15 percent increase in the number of domestic and international tourists coming to Istanbul and that means approximately 3 million tourists will visit VIALAND.

Mehmet Emeç, VIALAND General Manager, said that VIALAND could provide a significant added value to Turkey’s tourism. Stating that VIALAND has filled the deficiency of Istanbul in terms of theme parks among the provinces of the world, Emeç said, “VIALAND will make Istanbul one of the amusement capitals of the world. The foreigners and press from many parts of the world who will visit Turkey are calling us and request information and ask when they could visit VIALAND. We are receiving phone calls from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Caucasia, the Balkans, and even China. Moreover, press from abroad are calling us and ask for interviews. This interest we receive from all the countries of the world is strengthening our assertion. VIALAND is a first not only in Turkey but also in the entire world. There is no big centre that can fill the shoes of a theme park in Istanbul having accommodated 9,5 million tourists in 2012, despite the hundreds of possibilities in terms of history, culture, and entertainment. Hence, VIALAND bears a substantial tourism potential. The studies we have conducted already demonstrate that VIALAND will increase the number of the domestic and foreign tourist who will visit Istanbul by 15 percent.”

Being a park with the capability that will make the world's most popular theme parks envious, VIALAND is banner-bearer of many theme parks as it presents more than 50 amusement units simultaneously on a 600 decares of land to the guests. Besides, in addition to the units designed through the state-of-the-art technology, VIALAND has the capacity to compete with many theme parks thanks to its 3 different Roller Coasters. One of the attractive properties of VIALAND is that it provides its visitors with a substantial convenience in terms of transportation. It is because, there are very few amusement centres situated in the centre of a city in the world. Even though they are in-city parks, many theme parks are situated in the locations that are in 20 km, 50 km, even 100 km distance from the centre.

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