Istanbul 2020 to Promote Olympic Brand in New Markets

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Istanbul 2020 reaffirmed its commitment to building the Olympic brand worldwide on Day 2 of the IOC Evaluation Commission’s visit, with a pledge to unleash the full force of support behind Turkey’s public and rapidly growing private sectors.

istanbul2020Three clear strengths came out of the Day 2 morning briefings. The first is Turkey’s financial stability, the second is Turkey’s dynamic and market-savvy audience, and the third is the bid’s commitment to building the image and reputation of Turkey alongside the Olympic and Paralympic brands.

Ali Koç, Board Member of KOÇ Holding, addressed the press today. KOÇ Holding is in the Fortune 500 and The Boston Consulting Group’s “Rising Global Stars 2013” and five of the KOÇ Holding group’s companies are in Turkey’s top 10. Ali Koç commented on the private sector’s commitment to the Istanbul 2020 bid:

“I am here today on behalf of the business community of Turkey to express our readiness to help one of the most important projects in Turkey’s history. Our business leaders see the Olympics as an incomparable opportunity to tell our story to the world, to rebrand Turkey, to demonstrate our growing capabilities, and to compete with the best companies in the world. We are truly experiencing a dramatic transformation with a rapidly growing economy; with an expanded business mindset; with sophisticated city planning and with careful management of Turkey's cultural legacy. Turkey’s goal is to become one of the world's 10 largest economies, in keeping with the vision of our 2023 Master Plan. Turkey is changing, Turkey is coming of age. Turkish business leaders understand the power of the Olympic movement to build the brand loyalties that are so important in a growing economy.”

Commenting on the importance of building the Olympic brand, Hasan Arat, Chairman of Istanbul 2020, said:

“Turkey has a great commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. We have been bidding for 20 years! We know how important marketing is for Istanbul 2020 and for the Olympic and Paralympic brands. I have often spoken of Istanbul 2020 as a Bridge to Excellence; Turkey’s strong economy and unwavering government and private sector support will help guarantee that excellence in 2020.”

The panel also revealed more detail about ticketing for the Games to the Evaluation Commission today. Ticket prices would begin at 10 US dollars for the Olympic Games and five US dollars for the Paralympic Games. Istanbul 2020 will look to adopt and enhance special ticketing arrangements such as the “Follow My Team” and “Athletes’ Family and Friends” progammes with other high-tech plans for an online spectator guide which would tailor daily itineraries for each guest, based on their location and interests. In total, 7.9 million tickets will be available with a budgeted generation of 444 million US dollars for the Olympic and Paralympic competitions combined.

Since 1992, the Turkish government has invested several hundred millions of dollars into Turkey’s sports and sports venues. Between now and 2020, a further four billion US dollars will be invested through the National Sports Plan, enabled through the Olympic Law, ensuring financial guarantees and an ongoing cash flow for Istanbul 2020.

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