Scandinavians Chose the Best Hotels in Turkey

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Bastıyalı Tourism welcomed the new season with a cocktail on May 21th 2013 Tuesday.
As the representative of Scandinavia’s biggest tour operator Thomas Cook Northern Europe (TCNE) since 1976, Bastiyali Tourism hosted many partners, directors and hoteliers of TCNE.

At the event took place in Side Resort Hotel, a part of Bastiyali Tourist Enterprises, the General Manager of Astral Travel Agency, Gülşah Bastiyali made the opening speech. Bastiyali started her speech by stating her pleasure to see a big family who has a long history together and who supported each other through good years and bad years. Gülşah Bastıyalı reminded the saying of Confucius, “Choose a job you love & you will never have to work a day in your life” and continued as follows: “I believe our success is based on the fact that we put our ‘heart’ into what we do. Just like the new Thomas Cook Northern Europe slogan says: ‘Holiday is where the heart is..!’ ‘Hardwork with love is also where the heart is’. Our work which is to create happy vacation experiences for our guests is actually our lifestyle & we hold on to this so passionately as we hold on to life.”

It’s an honour to be a part of this family said Bastiyali and wished for many more years of fruitful cooperation. The General Manager announced Mr. Ake Björk who was re-appointed as the Contracting Manager for Antalya region by Mr. Gustaf König and invited the CEO of the Group, Lars Löfgren on the stage.

Löfgren said they have been in a good cooperation with Bastiyali family and other hoteliers for a long time. After mentioning the rough times for Thomas Cook within last 12-18 months, Löfgren said Nordics have performed very well in this period. The CEO reminded that they have announced the half year performance for 2013 as good news and noted that things are improving. Löfgren gave information about their plans as well. According to Löfgren, Thomas Cook is now able to finance the following 3 years. “In this sense we can say that’s over now and Thomas Cook is certainly back again” said the CEO and continued as follows: “I think what that means is that we’d learned a lot in all parts of the group, the things we should not be doing and we should do right. And I think you will see a lot change. One of the things that will change is there will be much more focus, within the entire group, not just in Northern Europe, on hotels. Because, really when people buy holiday from us, what they really want is, of course the experience in the hotel or resort. Whilst we, Nordics have focused for a long time to create unique products for our customers that hasn’t really been a case to the same extend for U.K and German. And one of the very important elements of the plan for the next few years is to make sure that we do find and develop together with the good partners unique products for our customers. And I think many of you with old partners and new ones can play a very important role on that. And I think we can actually benefit from this both as a tour operator, Thomas Cook and you guys as hotel partners. And I would like to thank you guys as well as all other hotel partners around the world because I know that in these difficult times we have made you suffer as well. We have delayed payments and of course we tried to renegotiate the rates and we should, because you should be competitive. We really would like to thank you for continued support in these hard times. And I would like to ask you guys a big applause for my team. And finally I would like to thank Bastıyalı Tours, Mehmet, Gülşah and Arzu not just for our long-lasting co-operation but also for arranging this evening. Thank you very very much. And with that, I would like to hand over to Peter who is going to hand out the awards to good performing hotels. Thank you very much.”

According to the questionnaires gathered from the vacationers of TCNE, five Turkish hotels have been awarded with a guest satisfaction diploma. The Director of Resorts & Hotels, Peter Grandell took the stage to present the awards. While the best two Family Garden Hotels had been in Turkey, 3 hotels in Belek was listed among the “Best 10 Hotels Around the World”.

Among Family Garden Hotels, as one of the important concept hotel categories of TCNE, Side Resort Hotel, the winner of 2011 and Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice as well, has been the best all over the world. General Manager Şahin Turan accepted the award on behalf of the hotel and said: “We owe our continued success to the attention paid on every single guest comment. I would like thank our team and guests for their contribution to our service quality. The awards that we win show that we are on the correct way”. In the same category, Sunpark Garden have been awarded for being the second best family garden around the World. General Coordinator Ekrem Curnal received the award on behalf of the company.

Three Belek hotels have been listed among the “Best 10 Hotels Around the World”. Sales Manager Ülkü Yaşar was on the stage to get the awards for Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Verde Resort. The other Turkish hotel to be one of the best 10 has been Cornelia Diamond Gold Resort and SPA. General Manager Zafer Alkaya was handed the diploma and thanked all contributors.

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