Turkish Airlines featured an in-house fragrance, "TK 1933"

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Up until now, Turkish Airlines has always announced the opening of new routes or new aircrafts that have joined its fleet to share many successes of the airline with the public opinion.
TK-1933Aviation sector is one of the business sectors where global competition is most intense and customer satisfaction is the most important attribute of a brand that can make it stand out among such intense competition. Customer satisfaction does not only mean the satisfaction of a passenger after a single flight, but also it means that the passenger becomes your loyal customer. In recent years, Turkish Airlines have had great success in building brand loyalty among its customers. The increasing number of passengers and the expanding route network are all indicators of this achievement.

Today, Turkish Airlines introduced the fragrance “TK 1933” that will be yet another tool used to take the airline’s brand to another level while helping the company achieve its targets for 2023. The fragrance is intended to provide a sensory recognition of the global branding of Turkish Airlines and to bring a sense of relaxation and happiness.

“TK 1933”, a fragrance created by the international perfume company, MG Gülçiçek, has been introduced as the designated branded fragrance that will be used in Turkish Airlines' VIP/CIP Lounges, ticket sales offices, inside the aircraft, and for other corporate purposes. The name “TK 1933” was chosen as a tribute to the year that Turkish Airlines was founded.

In March 2013, the research company Milward Brown carried out a quantitative research test on the two scents that were selected as the finalists. The scent “TK 1933” was chosen from two different fragrances that survived a 15-month process encompassing research, development and production processes as well as fragrance testing with customers carried out on Turkish Airlines’ corporate premises. That research was particularly striking because of the discovery that the scent produced feelings of trust, peace, happiness, serenity and pleasure.

The new brand fragrance of Turkish Airlines was introduced at a press conference which was held on Thursday, May 30 at the CIP Lounge, Istanbul Aırport, included the participations of Turkish Airlines’ Communication and Event Manager, Yasemin Erdemir and board chairman of MG Gülçiçek, Mişel Gülçiçek.

“We are here today on a very special day for Turkish Airlines, which has attained significant recognition in the aviation sector in recent years due to its many achievements. This time we are not gathered to celebrate the opening of a new route or the introduction of a new aircraft into our fleet. This time, we would like to present to you a new branding element for the airline, something that people have been working on for 15 months, something that was brought back from the 5 continents that Turkish Airlines serves, what we will shortly reveal as yet another tool to create customer satisfaction and happiness,“ said Yasemin Erdemir, Communication and Event Manager of Turkish Airlines.

Explaining that their company had worked on the corporate scent with the goal of producing a fragrance that Turkish Airlines customers would like and want, board chairman of MG Gülçiçek, Mişel Gülçiçek continued to say, "We have finally reaped the fruit of the intensive studies and we are immensely happy to have designed and produced a corporate fragrance for Turkish Airlines, an airline that is considered to be one of Turkey's greatest assets. We have been operating in the sector since 1961 as a scent manufacturer, and we export to 56 countries. There is an unlimited number of products and brands including the scents that we produce.”

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