American-Turkish Council held 32nd Annual Conference on Culture and Tourism Roundtable

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This year’s Culture and Tourism Roundtable has been one of the highlights of the 32nd Annual Conference of ATC (American Turkish Council) that took place in Washington DC between 2nd and 5th of June.
The roundtable session regarding the cultural relations and tourism activities between the two countries took place on Tuesday, 4th of June with the attendance of a crowd full of expertise in different fields of interest. As the moderator of the panel discussion, Ceylan Pirinccioglu (CEO of VIP Tourism and VP of TABA-AMCHAM) has been elected. During the Culture and Tourism Roundtable, Mr.Pirinccioglu hosted five panelists who brought together five different expertises and created a vital environment full of diversity all for the sake of touristic and cultural relations between US and Turkey.

The speakers in this session were; Mehmet Bahattin Atci; District Governor of Milas (Mugla, Turkey), Patricia Schultz; author of the New York Times Best Seller book titled “1000 Places to See Before You Die”, Christopher Lightfoot; Curator of New York Metropolitan Museum Department of Greek-Roman Art, Leslie Zack; Director of Meetings of International and American Association for Dental Research, and Bryan L. G. Lewis; Business Development Director of Civitas Advisors LLC.

Diverse experiences of the four foreign speakers who all have been to different locations in Turkey for different reasons, were all very enlightening and prosperous in terms of creative ideas, sincere feedback and valuable insights that could be employed and applied in the future promotions and programs designed to improve Turkey’s cultural and touristic relations with US and again with the rest of the world. Although the diversity around the table had brought the opportunity for a 360 degree view and a strong perception about the most important question for future program which would be “where does Turkey stand in American people’s minds?” The decision making process for future promotions and tourism plans will be mostly feeding from the resolutions and shared opinions during this session about the “image” of Turkey and the “Turkey Brand”.

Among these diverse expertises and experiences, all the speakers had one significant common denominator which was the hospitality of Turkish people and the natural, cultural and historical beauty that fascinate all the visitors.

Representatives, consultants and officers from Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism also attended the session and provided great contribution to the panel while sharing their ideas and answering questions about future promotional programs.

When Mr. Pirinccioglu asked the panellists to share the “one sentence/one line” that they would tell their friends and family about their visit to Turkey, they all replied “You should go to Turkey!”

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