Seychelles to attend EMITT 2014 in Istanbul

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The Seychelles, ranking at the top of the list of Turkey’s favourite tropical vacations, is preparing to reveal its natural wonders to exhibition attendees.

emitt seysellerSeychelles Tourism Regional Director for Turkey Monette Rose will also be at the fair to assist everyone in displaying the Republic to all Turkish vacationers.

Monette Rose, Regional Director of Seychelles Tourism in Turkey, emphasises that there has been a significant rise in the number of Turkish tourists in recent years. She warrants this in largely due to business ventures with tour operators, and also points to EMITT’s role in promoting the country. Rose specifies this year’s target is to not only attract former tourists to the islands but to further attract new guests who have never visited the Seychelles.

Testifying to the Seychelles being a tropic heaven on earth consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Hacer Aydın, Director of Ekin Fair, points out that more than half of the Republic’s land is currently under environmental protection. She adds that two of the world’s highest raised coral islands of Vallee da Mai and Aldabra are a part of Seychelles. As one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, these islands contain natural reserves and parks.

Aydın reveals that the Seychelles are an exciting destination for all nature and ecotourism lovers, accentuating that the country is a land of variety, beauty and wonders. Touching upon the bursting, colourful appearance of the country’s fauna and flora, Aydın further informs us that the islands are one of the riches leading sea bird colonies and thousand year old tropical forests that accommodate all.

There are organised yacht, aircraft and helicopter tours among the islands of Seychelles, points out Aydın, with countless natural beaches throughout the country.  

Aydın, touching upon how there is another heaven underwater, notes that visitors will be able to see thousands of different tropical fish and take a peek at the 12m giant sharks that live strictly on plankton. She further specifies that the Seychelles islands are ideal for those who love water sports, especially those tourists who like to go fishing - since the archipelago offers deep sea fishing adventures.

Furthermore, the islands offer golf-lovers the most advanced resorts continues Aydın, adding that their tourism foundation is state-of-the-art in all respects. She says that the natives are warm, sincere and always cheerful - offering wonderful vacation memories that will keep guests in awe for years to come.

Becoming one of Turkish tourists’ leading spots of attraction in recent years, the Republic of Seychelles will once again take part at this year’s East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT). Recognising that tourism is the source of a huge portion of its national income, the Republic aims to enchant more Turkish tourists. EMITT is due to take place at TÜYAP in Istanbul from 30 January - 3 February 2014.

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