Turkish Airlines to promote Jordan’s ancient city of Petra

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

thy petraTurkish Airlines signs historic agreement with Jordan’s Petra Development and Tourism Authority in the presence of Nayef Al-Fayez, Jordan’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Mohammad Al-Nawafleh, the Chief Commissioner of the Petra Development and Tourism Authority, Ahmet Olmuştur, Turkish Airline’s Chief Marketing Officer, and other senior management officials from across the Middle East as well as representatives from the airline’s offices in Amman and Aqaba.

The agreement was signed in front of Petra’s famous ‘Treasury’ – the impressive 2000 year old rock-cut tomb – further symbolising the importance of the friendly ties between the two sides.

Upon visiting Petra, Turkish Airlines passengers will now receive a 15% discount on entry tickets into Jordan’s most unique heritage site by submitting their boarding passes. Turkish Airlines will also be promoted at the entry of the 'Petra Visitor Centre' by the Jordanian authorities. In exchange, Turkey’s national flag carrier will give special discounts to tour agents for events organized in other countries by the Petra Development and Tourism Authority.

Turkish Airline’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ahmet Olmuştur said, “Turkish Airlines will work to promote Petra as one of the wonders of the world through various channels. We plan to support this historic destination by promoting Petra through our internal channels, and Skylife, our inflight magazine. We will also promote the city in our external communications by supporting their marketing and development projects*.”

Jordan’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Mohammad Al-Nawaflef said, “We are delighted to be working with Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines.

We’re supporting the airline in our communication at Petra, which is a national treasure that we believe people from every corner of the world should have access to. As Turkish Airlines flies to 111 countries, and Petra is a traveller’s delight, this is a truly strategic and mutually beneficial partnership.”

As the partnership unfolds, Turkish Airlines and Petra Authority will jointly participate in international tourism fairs. They will invite and host agencies, press, and public figures from other countries across the world to promote the beauty of and historical significance of Petra.

Turkish Airlines flies 14 times weekly flights to Amman and 4 times weekly to Aqaba. To view the flight schedules please visit, contact the call center at +90 212 444 0849 or visit any Turkish Airlines sales office.

*Turkish Airlines will be sponsor for smartphone application called ``Visit Petra” (including a map and virtual tour of Petra)


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