Turkish Hotel Occupancy Drops below 50 percent

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Raffles Istanbul Guest RoomFollowing the distressing events that have occurred in Turkey, Turkish tourism sector sees fall in tourist arrivals and occupancy rates. Turkish Hotels Association – TUROB announced STR Turkey Hotel results for January 2016.

According to TUROB data, Turkish hotel occupancy drops 6.2% to 47.6% in January 2016 compare to January 2015. In January 2015 the rate was 50.7%. Turkey is also recorded sharpest drop within the European countries. While Istanbul is the most affected city, non-routine hotels closure even in the season in Antalya caused an artificial rise in this city.

Istanbul experienced double-digit drop in January 2016 compare to same month last year (11% to 48.7%). Average Daily Rate (ADR) also dropped 5.2% to €97.10. It was €102.40 in January 2015. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) also dropped double-digit 15.6% to €47.30. It was €56 last year in January. Following Baku, which listed for the first time among European destinations, Istanbul ranked second city that experienced largest drop in hotel occupancy.

Antalya hotels occupancy increased since many hotels have announced that they will not operate during the high season. Groups that have many hotels in the region will divert their customers to one hotel; other hotels will stay closed. Hotels occupancy in Antalya increased 14% to 42.6% in January 2016. It was 37.4% last year. ADR recorded €61.80 in January 2016. It was €61.20 last year. RevPAR increased 15% to €26.30 in January 2016. It was €22.80 in January 2015.

Ankara hotel occupancy dropped 9.6% to 50% in January 2016. ADR dropped 1.7% to €79.6 compare to Jan.’15.

Turkey ranked at 20th place last year

Country Occupancy % (Jan. - Dec. 2015)
Ireland 77.7
U.K. 77.5
Malta 75.0
Belgium 71.8
Austria 71.7
Hungary 71.5
Spain 71.5
The Netherlands 70.6
Czech Rep. 70.5
Germany 69.9
Poland 68.8
Portugal 66.7
Greece 66.5
France 66.0
Italy 65.8
Romania 65.0
Switzerland 65.0
Lithuania 63.6
Finland 62.7
Turkey 61.7
Slovakia 61.5
Bulgaria 59.1
Russia 55.8
Croatia 49.4

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