Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria epitomise the true spirit of Cultural Diversity

  • Published by Vedat

While Seychelles Countdown Carnival Clock keeps on ticking towards the blast off of its third editions on the 8th -10th February 2012, its past popularity continued to offer Journalists and Press editions interesting angle to venture on.

The latest article to acknowledge “Carnival International de Victoria” the merits its deserve is written by Mauritian Journalist and author, Jean Clement Cangy whose admiration for Seychelles keeps translated news story into succession.

In Le Mauricien newspaper, Jean Clement Cangy described Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria more than just a big party of the melting pot of cultures, but instead that it is an event that has blossomed into 2001 UNESCO’s Convention of Cultural diversity through its cultural expressions, promotion of Cultural unity within the Vanilla Islands and the world of large.

“The role of the Vanilla Island is to celebrate its common cultural diversity. It is in this perspective that will be taking place the upcoming edition of the Carnival International de Victoria contributing to cultural dialogue,’’ affirms Jean Clement Cangy in his article.

Adding that the “Carnival International de Victoria is also an excellent opportunity for the Vanilla Islands to proudly display its cultural unity to the world and use this event to gain tourism visibility at a moment when the regional tourism industry is vexing state of uncertainty”.

It is without doubt also noted in the article that such factors contributed for other countries such as South Africa, India and Indonesia to confirm their participations for this world celebration of Cultural diversity.

The Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria is an electrifying festival earning the appellation of Victoria biggest street party or “Carnival des Carnivals” as an allusion for forging Unity within the Vanilla Islands. Its two years consecutive crowning success is enough to offer brilliant ideas to authors to come up with innovative opportunities on promoting the Vanilla Islands events that further bind the Islands in the Indian Ocean.

With eyes set on emulating the best carnival in the world, the Seychelles Tourism Board proudly announced thirty three days to go before the official opening of Carnival International de Victoria.   For the time being, many international Countries have already confirmed their participation in the Carnival. United Kingdom, South Africa, La Reunion, Zimbabwe, Italy, Madagascar, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Indonesia, India, China and Germany among others will be making their comeback to this third edition. Brazilian authentic Carnival delegation and Brussels are displayed on the list of new delegations, whereas, three local associations representing Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines have already also confirmed their participations.



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