North Cyprus Enters the World of Social Media

  • Published by Vedat

Following the launch of its brand new website,, the North Cyprus Tourism Centre has launched a complementary social media campaign.

The newly-established Facebook and Twitter feeds will allow the North Cyprus Tourism Centre to engage with prospective holidaymakers, delivering news, competitions and images whilst answering any specific queries about holidays in North Cyprus. Social media will also provide a focus to encourage interaction with bonded specialist tour operators, to increase consumer interest in holidays in North Cyprus.

To get involved, like the North Cyprus Tourism Facebook page at:

And follow North Cyprus Tourism on twitter at:

The launch turned out to be very well timed as Cyprus has been hitting the headlines a lot recently – albeit for the wrong reasons. The North Cyprus Tourism Centre was able to use the launch of its social media, combined with a new advertising campaign to make it clear that North Cyprus has not seen any adverse effects from the Euro crisis in the south.

As well as the new creative work, which makes it clear that it is business as usual in North Cyprus, many important news sites also picked up on the North Cyprus Tourism Centre press releases.

This including an article on which stressed the following:

‘Firstly, it should be clarified that North Cyprus, home to popular resorts including Kyrenia and Famagusta, remains unaffected. The currency in the north is the Turkish Lira, and tour operators have been at pains to point out that banks are open as usual and tourists there will have no worries about accessing their cash.’

The North Cyprus Tourism Centre is planning a forthcoming online and regional advertising campaign. Details will be announced shortly.



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