Falkland Islands’ tourism industry continues to grow

  • Published by Vedat
The Falkland Islands International Tourism Statistics Report shows that 2012 was the second highest year on record in terms of overnight visitors travelling for leisure.

There were 7,791 overnight tourists (as opposed to day trip cruise tourists) arrivals in the Falkland Islands in 2012, of which 1,937 could be classed as leisure visitors. Overall, tourist arrivals have grown at an average annual rate of 7% per annum over the period 2000-2012.

the UK is the most significant market for tourist arrivals with 4,234 visitors in 2012. The second largest market in 2012 was Norway, with 482 visitors (mostly oil workers). Argentina generated the third highest number of arrivals (usually the second largest generating market) with 374 visitors in 2012.

In 2012, over 54% of all arrivals were residents of the United Kingdom however this represents a considerable fall in market share compared to over 68% in 2000.

Over the period 2000-2012, British visitors increased by an average of 5.0% per annum, however they have lost market share due to higher growth rates from other countries. Whilst arrivals from the USA have barely changed over the same period, there has been a significant growth in arrivals from Canada, France and Argentina in the last five years.

The average length of stay of all tourists in 2012 was 15.9 nights.

The general satisfaction of Leisure tourists with the Falklands was also apparent with the value for money indicator, with almost 77% stating that they thought it was “good value” in 2012, compared to around 61% in 2011.

The average spend per tourist per night in the Falklands in 2012 was £62.78, up £14.58 (or 30.3%) on 2011. Just over half of daily spend was on accommodation (£31.61). Total tourism expenditure in the Falkland Islands in 2012 is estimated at almost £7.8 million, up 50.1% on that recorded in 2011.

Regarding cruise tourism this season there was a total of 29,553 cruise passenger visits. Cancellations accounted for a loss of around 23,053 passengers over the season. Overall, cruise passenger arrivals have grown at an average annual rate of 12.6% over the period 1995/06 to 2012/13, despite a decline in visits over the last four seasons.
Source: MercoPress



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