Newtonstrand Announces its Solutions “Association Pack”

  • Published by Vedat

Newtonstrand Innovations has today announced more information about its new solutions orientated Association Pack.

Created exclusively for associations running congresses and events, the pack provides a simple modular formula for using the right technology tools, for that particular event, to ease the planning and decision making within the association for the committee organisers.

Recently Newtonstrand and MMR jointly announced their drive to help associations increase ROI through technology sponsorship revenue whilst improving attendance levels and satisfaction at events. This Association Pack will be offered as part of this drive and is designed to bring innovative technology ideas to associations to help improve participation at their congresses and meetings. The Newtonstrand Association Pack aims to increase the overall successful outcome for association congress participants with interactive and collaborative technology platforms at the event. The association itself will be able to provide the technology at a fraction of the cost, if any, within the additional sponsorship revenue opportunities formula.The Association Pack shows different modules including:

Enhanced networking – for today’s attendees a lot of an event’s success is measureable by the contacts they make. The Newtonstrand Chance2Meet platform will be offered providing a unique and advanced way to establish new business connections at any associationcongress or meeting, with several platforms being offered.

Increased interactivity – today’s association participants want more involvement and interactivity at a congress or event. The Association Pack interactivity module includes the Newtonstrand Chance2Vote and Chance2Ask platforms where association members have the chance to let their opinions count and to influence trends in the industry, as well as bringing essential “attendee generated content” to the congress. In addition, the innovative Newtonstrand Chance2Speak open-stage platform will allow association members and attendees the chance to speak up and present on an industry topic of their choice, as well asthe opportunity to share their knowledge with others during the congress.

Extended marketing reach – associations will be able to keep their event alive for longer and extend the marketing reach to a wider audience to increase attendance and positioning. The Newtonstrand Association Pack includes modules using their E-Event and LiveStudio solutions to recapture sessions and presentations, as well as the ability to broadcast parts of the congress.

Enhanced collaboration – solutions are included for associations to build collaboration within their organisation and for their members. The Newtonstrand E-Posters system is a digital and interactive way to show posters allowing members to interact with and download information versus traditional poster boards, generating a large financial saving for the event in terms of space and poster board costs. The Chance2Plan tool will help the planning committee to communicate effectively and easily by managing all the tasks associated with the event online and collaboratively.

When working within the Newtonstrand Association Pack module, associations will quickly discover how they can increase their own return on investment from example modules, including how to generate revenue of Euro 150k with a minimal initial investment, depending on the size of the event.


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