LiveRec - an app that makes sharing of live video with friends possible

  • Published by Vedat
The young entrepreneurs Niko Adalis and Janusch Lepiarczyk are currently working on the development of LiveRec, a live video sharing app.

Soon the app will be available for download at Google Play. Developed specifically for the mobile device, this app promises new features and functions. But for what purpose is LiveRec?

"LiveRec is a live video sharing app that makes it possible for every smartphone owner to share live his most beautiful events in life with others - like a concert or a personal highlight, as a birthday. With live videos, in short 'LiveRecs' the furthermost followers can be present live, "says CEO of Tothis Ltd. Niko Adalis. A far-reaching function that brings a great advantage especially at current events such as Prince William's Royal Baby Born or the protests in Egypt - a live transmission is possible for anyone.

LiveRec is especially designed for the target group aged 13 until 30 years and is currently programmed for Android operating systems. The main feature is the recording of videos that can be shared without delay live to friends, family and acquaintances.

While recording, you always have the overview, because you can see the current status of the live audience. The maximum video length is two hours amazing live sharing. The design of the app will look like already known networks - everyone can create a profile with username, own picture and short description about his character. A video recording is also done easily by a click of the record button and by enter a video title - and action, recording is in progress! If someone looks for a certain LiveRec, classifications will provide various categories (e.g. local, popular, current issues) quickly. In addition LiveRec offers a search function to look for people, places and events. It is also possible to follow a user on LiveRec and to receive his current LiveRecs.

A highlight is the verified account for stars and celebrities from the media or the corporate world. The verification is simple: A celebrity writes his name and the current date on a piece of paper and holds it for 10 seconds in live video next to his face. While creating their accounts they can send the recordings internally to LiveRec, to identify themselves as Celebrity X.

Also for the profession of journalist, LiveRec provides a novel, fast and flexible communication channel to share their information with viewers or customers, so to speak live directly on-site. Because maybe they don´t exactly have a professional camera crew ready to take the sensations live, so LiveRec offers the opportunity to carry out what happened at the same time in the world.

The potential of LiveRec for business or private are enormous and groundbreaking in the age of technical possibilities. The mobile world is looking forward to the launch date, the 30th of August 2013. LiveRec will be for free.


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