Travel tech start-up Epteca Selected for UK’s TravelLab

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

traveltech lab

The Traveltech Lab, the UK’s first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups that is created by London & Partners and The Trampery, will connect tech start-ups and their innovative ideas to the big corporates who need to stay ahead of the competition through technology. Epteca, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland has been selected as one of only 13 companies from over a 100 that applied to be part of the TravelLab.

London & Partners’ goal is for London to become the number one city in the world for travel technology start-ups, and it is hoped that the incubator will help support the development of the next,, or Skyscanner.

Epteca is successfully operating in Germany and Scandinavian markets, serving leading brands with their ground-breaking solution and is looking forward to further expanding their UK presence. The company was also recently acknowledged by PhocusWright’s expert panel as one of the three most innovative travel tech start-ups in Europe, and one of 30 global innovators.

“We are pleased to see we are also being recognized in the UK market as innovators in technology, and specifically the travel technology area,” said Bojan Jokic, CEO of Epteca.

Epteca has developed the “Marketplace Ecosystem” where travel companies and product brands and vendors now have the capability to offer purchasable additional products and services that are relevant to each person’s trip. Like a welcoming concierge, Epteca’s revolutionary ‘smart marketing and selling’ full-service solution adds value to every step of the customers’ journey and helps travel providers and brands and vendors of those relevant offerings reach new revenue streams.

Epteca clearly sees that innovative traveltech is a hot area in Europe vs. US with comparatively more deals in Europe than other regions. In a recent article, TechCrunch recognizes this movement citing that Europe seems to be punching above its weight in that area. “London is a leading European hub, and we believe the people behind TravelLab have spotted this trend”, adds Bojan. “Being part of TravelLab and surrounded by other leaders, Epteca will be well positioned to serve this huge market and to capitalize on it.”

Epteca will be featured as part of the upcoming TravelTech innovation event on April 29th, also in cooperation with Publicis Drugstore. Drugstore was set up by Publicis founder to promote the world’s most innovative products and services from great companies to the benefit of the consumers.

To learn more, schedule a demo or get started with Epteca’s Marketplace Ecosystem for free, please visit



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