Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Continues to Invest in IT Upgrades

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

klcc mobilephone useAlready one of the most technologically-advanced venues in Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, continues to invest in information technology (IT) upgrades in order to maintain a competitive advantage and increase its capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of business events clients.

The upgrades, designed to enhance the delegates and visitors experience, included the installation of LAN (Local Area Network) ports with a bandwidth of 1Gbps and a 20Gbps distribution backbone utilising single mode fibre optic cables. In addition, the Centre recently became the first venue in Malaysia to install a Cisco HDX Wi-Fi system to help manage Wi-Fi throughout the facility and improve its performance.

Elaborating on the new upgrades, Richard Soo, the Centre’s IT Manager, shared, “We understand the importance of reliable and fast internet connection for the success of our clients’ events. Being a technologically-advanced centre, we need to be able to cater for multiple live 4K video and audio streams, live interactive systems, huge file transfers and much more. These upgrades ensure that we can meet this demand now and into the future. They also provide us with the ability to offer a customised bandwidth allocation should additional support be required by our clients.”

He continued, “Wi-Fi traffic and congestion is a growing concern with the proliferation of devices and parallel multiple connectivity on more than one device such as smartphones and tablets, especially in large public spaces, like the Centre, where multiple users and devices connect to a network.

With the installation of the Cisco HDX system, our Wi-Fi network is able to cope with a higher user density and provide more bandwidth, thus improving the experience for users. The new system will also allow us to allocate extra resources to clients should the standard connection not be sufficient for their needs.”

Richard concluded, “A fast, reliable internet connection is critical for business events and is the new norm that will soon become a standard necessity. We also use multiple ISPs to provide link redundancy and ensure a near fail proof internet service for our clients’ critical events. IT infrastructure is becoming an increasingly important deal clincher for business events in today’s technology-driven world. We therefore continuously invest in our IT facilities and services to deliver customised solutions that provide peace of mind to our clients and good connectivity to our delegates and visitors.”

Free internet service, up to 240Mbps in total, is also available to visitors of the Centre at the foyer, Centre Core, Level 3 and Level 4 areas.



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