Make the most of Europe this Summer

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

Are you looking to travel to Europe or Turkey this summer coming? Then we doubt you are alone.

Istanbul-MosqueWith an abundance to do, see, taste and hear Europe is the most popular holiday destination year on year as there is definitely something for everyone of all ages. Given the continents versatility when it comes to holidaying it is no surprise that Geckos Adventures is announcing the start of its 15% off Europe and Turkey sale. To make sure you receive this offer just simply book by 31 March and travel before 30 May 2014, the sale is not restricted to just one or two tours, it applies to the whole range of European and Turkish tours; therefore you can be sure that one will tickle your fancy!

As previously mentioned given the vast amount of options at your disposal in the area it can be difficult determining where to travel or deciding how to spend the majority of your time. There are options to go on a multi country adventure, sampling many different delights or you could choose to dive deeper, becoming more extensive in your travels on just one or two countries. In order to help you bearing the burden of what to choose Geckos has put together numerous organised trips so take your time. To put it simply, no other continent offers so many diversity in such a compact area, this is Europe.

If you are looking to make the most of the Asian gateway that is Turkey then perhaps an in depth tour of the country is more to your taste, so why not consider Gecko’s ‘Ottoman is not just a footstool,’ adventure. This 15 day action packed tour of Turkey starts where it ends, in Istanbul, you will make your way anti clockwise around the country stopping off at picturesque spots such as Selcuk and Pamukkale taking in the local way of life and walking in Cleopatra’s footsteps as you investigate some Roman Ruins. You will also get the opportunity to explore Gallipoli and wander around the famous battlefields, here you can reflect taking in the areas previous events. Moving on, a trip in Turkey wouldn’t be complete without some glorious beaches so you will have the opportunity to literally sail some of the famous Turquoise Coast.

Italy-VenicePerhaps you are looking for something a little more different which takes in the heart of Europe, one of these tours is the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ This whirlwind adventure is a 15 day journey which begins in the industrial, yet rejuvenated Berlin when you can take in the famous nightlife and the cheap beer! As we continue the next destinations will be the lively Krakow and elegant Prague, while in the former you can take a day trip to the infamous Auschwitz Camp before exploring the famous Prague Castle afterwards. After a quick stop in Cesky Krumlov, the tour passes its halfway mark and you will have Vienna and Budapest next on your list. Both these cities are draped in interesting history and offer a different insight into its respective nationality and way of life. As we move round the completion of the tour we will stop in the adventure sport paradise that is Bled, you can choose to mountain bike, kayak and may more here. This will sure you out, ready to unwind is we conclude the tour in the romance that is Venice, take a trip on a Gondola and explore the half sunken city.

So if either of these tours tick the boxes for you get in now to ensure a spot, if not then not to worry as there are plenty more alternatives on offer. Just check the website for further details.



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