Travel to Central & South America with Gecko’s Adventures

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

Vamanos Amigos! If you don’t yet know what that phrase means, don’t worry as in a matter of time it will literally be rolling off your tongue.

Central-South-AmericaIf you don’t believe us then you will do as soon as you arrive in Central and South America, this magnificent array of countries is buzzing this time of year and especially with the world cup being held in Brazil. To celebrate adventure travel company Gecko Adventures has a ridiculous amount of awesome stuff going on in area, like food for example. The locals love their food in a big way and it is delicious, you can devour your way through items such as burritos, tortillas and tacos; the list never stops.

The continent is located predominantly in the southern hemisphere with the equator running through the upper section; everywhere is widely renowned for its great diversity and many walks of life rich in history. With world cup now less than 100 days away, the excitement is beginning to set in and we can’t think of a better option than actually being there for it. There is quite simply nobody more suited than Gecko Adventures to show the ins and outs of what South America truly has to offer even more so when its food you are after.

One of the trips on offer where you get to scratch the top of surface when it comes to local food, is the mammoth 29 day tour called Getting Chile with it. You will be starting out underneath the captivating Andes’ mountain range in old town Santiago, here you will get to try out some local bars and cafes with Chile’s famous sandwich, the Chacarero. Moving on from Santiago, we will explore some of the countryside, trying some local chocolate as you make your way across the border into the lively Buenos Aires where the world’s best steak is waiting for you! Explore the hustle and bustle of Argentinas largest city before we move onto Montevideo, here you can choose to be a beach bum or eat loads of BBQ food. Passing through the world heritage listed Iguazu Falls, our next country will be Brazil where we will finish in Rio; why not end on a high and embrace your party animal, there is plenty of fresh seafood to be consumed too!

Moving up the other end of the continent is the marvellous crawl through Central America as you ride the Don’t Stop Beliezing tour, beginning in Mexico City, you can choose to visit the massive Pirimades del sol y de la luna after trying some of the many street food delights in the main square. There will be a few more stops in Mexico, one of them is to the city of Puebla which is renowned for having the best know mole sauce named after city, this is made up of up to 20 different ingredients. Moving on from Mexico, the next country we visit will be neighbouring Belize, where you will now be on the Caribbean Sea which means it’s time for the beach where you can indulge in numerous cocktails and plentiful seafood. Eventually it will be time to visit some other spots as we head west into Guatemala, we imagine your Spanish will have improved by now so why not try your hand mingling with some locals and get excited for our trip up to some active volcanoes.

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