Lithuania Makes Lonely Planet's Top 10 'Best of 2015' Destinations

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

Vilnius Lithuania

Lithuania has been ranked third within Lonely Planet’s top ten ‘Best in Travel’ destinations for 2015 as Vilnius’ baroque old town, the Hills of Crosses and Trakai Castle are just a few attractions noted for their charm and beauty.

Lithuania is a leader in Europe for growth of inbound tourism (+12.2% in 1st half of 2014) with more than twice the average growth in global tourism flow (+5%). As it becomes the newest member of the Eurozone on 01 January 2015, Lithuania continues to boast its triumphs as it is home to the cleanest air capital of Europe and is one of the most ethical destinations in the world. Combining a plethora of UNESCO world heritage sites and ‘The Amber Road’ with daily direct flights from London, Lithuania presents an accessible, affordable and largely undiscovered destination for a European break in 2015.

After ten years of EU membership, Lithuania will become the latest member of the Eurozone in 2015. From a visitor perspective, travelling to Lithuania will become much easier and more fluid with the ability to withdraw from an ATM and make electronic payments. As the last of the Baltic states to adopt the Euro, the country is sure to see many public events to mark the occasion.

Vilnius Cathedral BelfrySustainability sits high on the agenda for Lithuania in helping to promote its natural landscapes and preserve the rustic charm of its local villages and towns. The capital, Vilnius, has been declared the cleanest air capital of Europe (Siemens Green City Index 2013) and was yet again named the second most cost effective destination to visit for British travelers according to the Post Office City Costs Barometer 2014. The Ethical Traveler 2014 has also listed Lithuania as one of the ten most ethical tourism destinations in the world – where the environment is protected, human rights are respected and eco-tourism values are appreciated too.

Lithuania also boasts four UNESCO world heritage sites; Vilnus Historic Centre, Kernavė Archaelogical Site, Struve Geodetic Arc and the Curonian Spit. The spit is recognized as one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in Europe backed by Europe’s largest moving sand dune. Lithuania is also the starting point for the newly developed World Amber Road project, supported by the World Tourism Organisation of United Nations, this ambitious project aims to promote the amber traditions to tourists and travelers, including historic moments, extraction, processing and the creation of jewellery.

Lithuania’s traditions and customs combined with its colourful history and heritage make it Europe’s best-kept secret, but with daily direct flights to both Vilnius and Kaunas with Ryanair and Wizzair, it is the perfect getaway for visitors to unearth this gleaming gem of the Baltic States.

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