Best Tours Italia acquires the largest Expo ticket sale

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

expo milano15

Best Tours Italia joins Expo history by making 2 million tickets available in over 9000 travel agencies in Italy and abroad for Expo Milano 2015 and related services. These tickets have very favourable rates, even after the official opening date of the 1st May – the price of an open ticket for an adult is €39 when purchased on line with the tour operators.

“This is the biggest sale of Expo tickets in the past century” says Alessandro Rosso, Chairman of Alessandro Rosso Group and Best Tours Italy, “ I am an Expottimista (Expo fan), I firmly believe that Expo Milano 2015 will be remembered as one of the best Expos ever organized, in large part thanks to the characteristic qualities of the Italian people: Inventiveness, creativity, design, a love for beauty but they will be also be remembered through their caring for other people, with the large presence of voluntary organisations at this Expo.

Best Tours Italy acquires two million tickets, a large number of which have already been sold on foreign markets. The remaining tickets will be on sale in Italy for the 180 days of the Expo. Best Tours Italy’s corporate events division will have 10% of the entrance turnstiles personalized for their customers, an endorsement of the attention to detail so typical of Alessandro Rosso Group. “No queue” is our motto for Expo Milano 2015. With VIP services and the provision of all services both inside and outside of Expo Milano 2015, Alessandro Rosso Group is preparing to assist all companies in discovering the Universal Exhibition in Milan. Moreover, thanks to the management of different restaurants inside the Expo area and the Seven Stars Galleria hotel company, The Group can offer its guests packages which include the Expo ticket (Admission dates open/pre-selected) and a catering service at very competitive prices, with multiple facilities as well as the customizing of spaces or the organisation of events in a pavilion.

Daniele Rosso, CEO: "Alessandro Rosso Incentive has been very active internationally and is handling negotiations in Italy for about one million tickets and hundreds of Expo-related corporate events. We are very confident and sure of being able to offer Italian companies a front row seat for Expo 2015 so that they can participate in this historic event; the revival of our economy.” Our portal is on line and helps find the most suitable packages and rates, with services and special offers to help you get the best Expo experience, lunch or dinner at Eataly, Fast pass and guided tours.

Alessandro Rosso Group is already working for numerous pavilions in the following areas: construction, fit-outs, digital services, catering, restaurants, bars, conferences, meetings, organising accommodation, transport, tours, events, PR, management, boutiques, gifts, permits, administration, VIP services and ceremonies.

Alessandro Rosso Group has also invested in the construction of its own pavilion inside the Expo area, called Alessandro Rosso Pavillion, to allow companies that are not present on site, to organise events lasting from a minimum of one day to a maximum of six months. This is a three storey pavilion with a 200 seat conference theatre, a total internal floor area of 1400 square meters and a further 500 meters of outdoor space. Milan’s Icebar will also be located here, one can experience the emotion of living in a chillier climate, typical of the colder countries in the heart of Expo 2015. Alessandro Rosso Group also has news for the city of Milan, with the announcement of five new restaurants in the V. Emanuele II Gallery and Piazza Duomo and 40 new suites for guests and international VIPS.

International tour operator Best Tours, who are part of the Alessandro Rosso Group confirm their commitment in promoting Expo 2015, already initiated in 2014 with the launch of the "Your Way To Expo" catalogue and continuing with the Best Tours B2B Expo portal, which can be accessed through the booking website



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