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Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda Ramp Up Joint Tourism Promotion

As part of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects initiative, Kenya, along with Rwanda and Uganda, are revving up their joint tourism marketing programmes to attract more international leisure and business visitors.

The focus will be on continuing to position the East African region as a single tourism destination, drawing on the depth and diversity of the attractions within the region and offering an estimated 141 million people as an attractive market for investment.

The Northern Corridor Integration Projects Initiative brings together the government and private sector agencies in charge of tourism marketing including Rwanda Development Board’s Department of Tourism and Conservation, Kenya Tourism Board and Uganda Tourism Board.

The partner states collectively considered issues such as security, infrastructure and ease of access as central to ensuring domestic, regional and international visitors’ confidence in their personal safety and comfort when touring East Africa. The three countries have pledged to continuously and actively promote the Northern Corridor states as a joint destination following the introduction of the East Africa Tourism Visa in 2014.

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