Milano Duomo

Drone crashes into Milan cathedral

The iconic cathedral of Milan has been damaged after being hit by a camera drone on Monday morning. According to the news at Repubblica, three Korean tourists that visit Milan to give a presentation at the Korean pavilion of the Expo 2015 were flying the remote-controlled device around the roof of the 45 meter-high cathedral.

They were performing aerial shots with a drone when they lost control of the drone that crashed into a cable on the cathedral’s roof, near a famous golden statue of the Madonna which adorns the cathedral’s tallest spire.

While the crash did not sever the cable, it did cause it to become unhooked and in the fall the drone hit a bulb of a spotlight of the terraces, but the three ended up in the police station.

It is not known what charges, if any, the men will face. Police are still trying to decide if any laws surrounding the use of remote control devices or filming in the city have been violated.

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