Top tourist destinations in Europe for casino lovers

Visiting Europe is on the wish list of many Americans – and with so much to see, family connections and the sheer history of the place, it is easy to understand why that is the case.

In addition, for lovers of slots and card tables, there is a bonus in making the transatlantic trip as European cities are home to some of the oldest and most famous casinos in the world.

Las Vegas is well-known worldwide as sin city, and Macau and Singapore host thousands of visitors each year thanks to their futuristic casinos, but for historical interest, class, and style, the gaming halls of Europe are a must see. However, before you decide where to head for you will need to consider what games you would like to play when you arrive at your chosen destination.

Choosing your game

You may already have a fondness for the spin of a roulette wheel or a system for beating the bank on the blackjack tables, but there is plenty of choice in any casino to have a little fun and enjoy the thrill of playing. There is no definitive way to guarantee success – and most sensible casino goers know that it is more about the excitement and experience than the money – but doing some research before you step on the flight is probably a good idea.

So that having been said, let’s go!

Parisian style

No trip to Europe is complete without a visit to the French capital. From the impressive architecture of the Eiffel Tower to the world-renowned art on show at the Louvre, Paris is a culture lover’s dream come true. But if you also regard classic casinos as being part of that cultural world, then you have come to the right place.

Whether it is well-known establishments such as Le Cercle Central or the more ‘in the know’ places such as the Aviation Club de France, gamers will experience casinos like they were meant to be experienced. Travel tip: save your money for the tables by buying group tickets on the Metro, and even some of the smallest hotel rooms will have exquisite views of the ‘city of love.’

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London Calling

Some of the oldest casinos in the world can be found in London, England’s exciting capital city. The modern Crockford’s Club in the most exclusive Mayfair area of the city has its origins in the private members’ gaming club that was established in 1828. You have to be a member to get into that establishment, but The Grosvenor is accessible and is just as elegant, and whether you enjoy baccarat, poker or blackjack, there will be a game waiting for you.

London is rightly thought of by many Americans as the spiritual home of the gentleman, and although the capital has the trappings of a modern, cosmopolitan city like any other, there are also countless buildings dating back centuries around every corner. With numerous three to five-star hotels in central London alone casino lovers are able to find a bed for the night even if it isn’t at one of the top gaming establishments.

Lake Constance

German luxury

The small southwestern German town of Baden-Baden may only be home to 55,000 people, but it is one of the most visited spa and casino resorts in the world – let alone Europe. It would be wrong to say that there is nothing to do there apart from enjoying the opulence of the one casino in town, but this is not the bustling metropolis of Berlin or Milan.

Real casino lovers will delight in being able to concentrate on some serious playing time but make sure that you look the part – there is a strict dress code, and gentlemen must wear shirts and ties. The splendor of the place provoked Marlene Dietrich to call it ‘the most beautiful casino in the world’ and even non-playing visitors can enjoy the elegance by taking the 40-minute guided tour.

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Glamour capital

Any casino lover’s trip to Europe has to include a flight down to the southern principality of Monaco (ideally arriving in a private helicopter) and a visit to the world-renowned Monte Carlo Casino. This tiny state on the Mediterranean coast is the epitome of glamour and sophistication and is home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as being the inspiration for some of Ian Fleming’s James Bond adventures.

It has been estimated that around 350,000 people arrive in Monaco, the second smallest country in Europe, every year in search of the glorious scenery and shopping possibilities – as well as to visit one of the most famous casinos in the world. It is the home of the rich and famous though so don’t expect to include Monaco as part of a budget tour. But if you want to feel like part of the A-list then spending a little time in this sun-drenched nirvana is ideal.

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Bon voyage!

Although not all European casinos have lists of strict rules and membership requirements, American visitors may find them different to the glitzy, neon temples of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But isn’t that all part of the fun?

Taking in the culture and history of destinations such as Paris, London and Monaco will broaden the horizons of anyone who visits and, for any true casino lover. having the chance to experience the thrill of playing poker or blackjack in centuries-old buildings cannot be equaled.

Europe is home to some of the most historic buildings in the world and for games and slots fans that includes some of the establishments we have mentioned here. Explore all that these grand old cities have to offer – including some of the finest casinos on the planet.


  • Las Vegas Macau and Singapore are popular venues with visitors that love futuristic style casinos
  • For a touch of class, sophistication, and style, coupled with a great deal of historical interest, a visit to the casinos of Europe should be on every keen gambler’s bucket list
  • Do your research before you go and decide which games you would like to play
  • Make sure you fully understand how to play the games, decide on some strategies and brush up on the player etiquette expected in Europe’s finest casinos
  • Check up on the entry and membership requirements of the casinos you intend to visit

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