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3 Ways to Completely Relax in Your Hotel Room

While travel can be fun, mixing it with business can often result in it feeling more like a chore than the exciting experience it should be.

Let’s be honest, keeping up with meetings is hard enough without the added stress of time differences and transport. It’s no wonder that you may be feeling more than a little worn out. But, lucky for you, we’re here to help you get back on your A game with a few of our top hotel secrets.

1.     Stick to a Routine

Constant travel can take its toll on your daily routine. And, if you are someone who likes to stick to a plan, this may also mean a decrease in psychological wellbeing. Without a routine, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and becoming overly tired. So, instead of getting rid of the routine, we highly recommend making slight adaptations to fit your travel lifestyle. Checking your hotel’s amenities is a great way to start, as many will offer sport and wellness facilities. If running is important to you, you can still keep up with your training while on the move.  

2.     Find Your Own Fun

While hotel living makes it easy to get caught up in business, it’s still important to put time aside for yourself. Just because you’re not going home at the end of the day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be having time away from the desk. A good way to do this is to treat the hotel as your home space. For example, if you like to watch movies at home, you could rent a film in your hotel room. Or maybe you’re missing the Friday poker nights with the guys at home. Well, if so, you could always check out some online casinos like all slots Canada. In fact, you can get your friends back home on it too! The key to full hotel relaxation while on business is to ensure you carry on doing the things you love. 

3.     Practice Yoga or Meditation

Constant travel not only takes its toll on the body but can also have significant effects on the mind. In order to keep your mind happy and healthy, we advise taking up yoga or meditation. While this may seem like a big task, both have been shown as effective stress relievers even when practiced for less than an hour a day. And, if that isn’t good enough, you can even practice meditation in bed! So, it doesn’t matter where you are or what bed you’re in, you can still look after your mental health. In fact, a 2007 study found that 10 weeks of yoga effectively improved participants’ quality of life scores and reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Being away from home can be incredibly overwhelming. So, remember to take time for yourself, and look after both your physical and mental health. Make the most of all the hotel amenities and ensure you keep those all-important boundaries between business and home.

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