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How to Stay Focused at a Martial Arts Tournament

A martial arts tournament can be a long day. It may start early in the morning with a long drive to the venue with your classmates and, depending on what grade you are, you may find yourself waiting around for most of the day before you get to compete yourself.

It is often a chaotic environment with lots of people around. It can be difficult to stay focused and think about how to win your own contest. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused.

Get Enough Sleep the Night Before

Getting enough sleep the night before a big tournament can be the difference between winning and losing regardless of how hard you have been training. Make sure you have an early night and try not to stress out too much about the competition. You have trained as much as you can and all you can do now is perform.

Eat Well

Make sure you eat well on the day of the tournament. You may have to get up early but make sure you have time for breakfast or take some with you to eat on the journey. Pack a lunch the night before and take plenty of energy food such as nuts, bananas, and pasta. Take a little more than you would normally eat – these competitions have a habit of running on and you might need enough for a light dinner too.

Practice a Little

You can spend some time practicing a little before you are called to compete – just make sure you don’t overdo it. You are unlikely to learn anything new at this point so use the practice time to go over the things you already know. Don’t spend too much time doing this though or you will tire yourself out before it is your turn.

Cheer on Your Classmates

Some of your classmates may be called to compete before you so get yourself ringside and cheer them on. This will get you in the fighting spirit yourself and watching them win will give you the confidence to do well. They will return the favor too which will be a great confidence booster when you get into the ring yourself.

Control Your Nerves

Try to control your nerves as the day progresses. This can be difficult but you can take your mind off your nerves by doing something completely different from the tournament such as reading a book, chatting to your friends, or finding the best mobile casino to try your luck at.

Stretching Exercises

Practice some stretching exercises throughout the day to stay supple and stop your joints seizing up. Pay particular attention to these as your turn gets nearer to make sure you are on your best fighting form once you have started your part of the tournament.

Follow these tips to help you stay focused at a martial arts tournament and you will be able to annihilate your competition. Good luck.

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