Thailand Is All Set To Roll Out The New Incentive Plans For The Tourists In 2021

Thailand, the South-East Asian country, is known for its glorious beaches and unbeatable hospitality that global tourists like.

Recently, the country has revived its tourism policy and rolled out new incentive plans for the tourists visiting the country. The government is looking forward to making this industry more robust and growing by leaps and bounds.

Background of Thailand’s New Incentive Plan

Thailand has pulled out new incentive plans for its tourists that will help travelers cover the main regions of the country and increase the influx of foreign visitors into the island resorts of Phuket. The new incentives for all the tourists’ destinations will start applicable from October 2021.

The Xinhua News Agency from Thailand reported about the main regions of the country that will be offering the incentives. These regions will include Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phetchaburi, Chon Buri, and Prachuap Khiri Khan. These are the initial destinations that will be welcoming international tourists to experience the new incentives and hassle-free travels. More 21 destinations will get re-opened from mid of October. The report was issued to the public by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

These plans will directly affect the travel and tour agencies’ tourism packages and the tourist operators. The tourists may experience discounted travels to this beautiful scenic country. Not only will the travelers now be able to experience the fantastic waterfront and beaches, but they can visit shopping malls and experience the electrifying nightlife too.

Apart from this, sports lovers can divulge not into adventure activities but some casino gameplay too. Travelers interested in playing live casino games or live betting can log in to online casinos that are quite reputed and licensed to help tourists entertain themselves when they are not sightseeing.

The Phuket Sandbox Pilot will also be a part of this incentive plan, where tourists will be given extended days of enjoyment. People can roam around freely in these island regions with little to no restrictions. However, there may be specific criteria imposed for the travelers visiting the country under the new incentive policy, but that will not be too hard or complex to follow.

Making Tourism More Sustainable and Happening

The priority of the tourism sector in 2021 is to make it safe, resilient, and sustainable for tourists. Even the digital transition and adoption of greener tourism is also the need of the hour. Being an island country, Thailand is looking for ways to safeguard its natural treasures too. However, the Phuket Sandbox program already in swing has generated almost 1.63 billion Baht in revenue for the tourism sector. Even local tourism is also given a push under these incentive plans that have made the government encourage domestic traveling to open from mid-October.

In the words of Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakan, the Minister of Sports and Tourism, “We have already proposed two domestic travel campaigns for the tourists, namely ‘We Travel Together’ and ‘Travel Around Thailand’, which will be centered around boosting the local tourism in the country too.”

The Thai tourism industry has already made plans to provide a 40% discount on the accommodation to the tourists, a 40% discount on plane tickets, and a 600 Baht voucher on food and beverages for every night booked. The Travel around Thailand plan will offer the subsidized rate of 40% on the tour packages, and travelers can expect up to a 5,000 Baht discount that will be offered to almost 1 million Thai tourists under this new tourism incentive scheme.

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