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How to start a clothing business at home and selling worldwide

Are you thinking of starting an international clothing brand that ships to multiple companies worldwide? Then you are in the right place.

We wrote this guide just for you. It tells you the essential things you need to know about starting the business. 

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1-. Determine your niche

The first thing to do is to find your niche. Are you going to sell dinner gowns, athletic wear, casual clothes, business clothing, cardigans/sweaters, or swimwear? Your niche helps you to determine your target market and your branding style. Select a slot that you are passionate about and can bring in your creative powers.  

2-. Funding the business through business loans for women

You have various funding options for your business. You can decide to fund it using business grants, investment, family members, friends, or using business loans for women. Business loans specially designed for women could be the best option among all these.

These loans help to grow female businesses and grant them other necessary support they need. Apart from good loans at favorable rates, you get access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and other things that will facilitate your international clothing business.     

3-. To make the clothes yourself or to import them from Asia?

You could decide to make bespoke clothing yourself or import the clothes from Asia. If you make the clothing yourself, you might need extra hands to keep up with increased demand. You’ll also need to worry about purchasing the material, cutting it, sewing it, etc. You’ll also have to set up sewing machines, embroidery machines, and other equipment that you need.

If you make the clothes from Asia, you’ll only have to work on the branding and the packaging after receiving the clothes. It would help if you found a reliable supplier in Asia along with a trusted shipping company. 

4-. Dropshipping or handling shipments by yourself?

You can decide to engage in dropshipping whereby the supplier abroad ships the product to your final consumer, or you could ship the clothes straight down to the final user yourself.

If your business expands and becomes large, you can decide to have partner stores or retailers in other companies that you ship in bulk at discounts and then sell them to others. This is an excellent way to sell clothing in bulk and avoid the costs of multiple shipments. It also makes it easier to track orders.

 5-. You need a good business website

You can’t start an international clothing business without a website and a solid social media presence. Your website should be regularly updated with pictures of new clothing and their sizes along with their prizes. It should be able to accept and process payments from various countries and handle automated transactions. You can use Shopify and other platforms that have everything built up for you already.      

Your clothing brand must have a solid social media presence

A lot of fashion brands make more sales from their social media platforms than their website. Instagram is the number one social media platform of choice for clothing brands. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are also good choices.

Use colorful graphics, catchy captions, trending hashtags, and other things to make your social media pop. You could also send free clothing to top Instagram models with many followers in exchange for free promotion of your brand. Hire a social media manager if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your business’s social pages yourself.    


The tips in this article will help you to build a profitable clothing brand. Remember that building a successful clothing brand doesn’t take one day. It takes months of relentless hard work. Business loans for women can ease some of the stress.

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