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Ease Hospitality Names Scott Gantkin

Ease Hospitality, the luxury management company leading workplaces and events into the future, has announced the appointment of Scott Gantkin as its new Director of Hospitality Technology.

With almost two decades of experience, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience that spans over a wide variety of industries.

A recognized expert in audiovisual technology, specializing in the hospitality and event industry, Scott brings a diverse background that complements the Ease Hospitality team and mission. Bringing nearly 20 years of experience, Scott’s experience aids in transforming traditional expectations of customer service in conferencing and amenity management into luxury lifestyle, full-service audiovisual experiences. Scott’s unique experience brings depth to the role. Working hands-on through his career, he joins Ease Hospitality having led the technological strategy for permanent integration projects and upwards of 150 events annually. Scott was recently listed as one of the top 40 AV professionals under the age of 40 in North America.

Ease Hospitality is a lifestyle solution to service tenants and guests in a customer centric way. Scott’s experience anchored in quality, care and customer service speaks to that core of the company’s operations. The company launched their second physical, luxury amenities, conferencing, and events venue, @Ease 605, in Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood in June 2022. Complete with the neighborhood’s first permanent NFT exhibition, Scott joins the Ease Hospitality team to continue to advance their integration with evolutionary technology and joining a team that promotes personal growth.

With a career that started in the nightclub scene, he has worked in a robust list of industries including theater, nightlife and events, hotels, food & beverage, and more.

“I love the opportunity to wear a slightly different hat through the growth of our wider offerings, at Ease Hospitality, working in an evolving environment. From the second I entered the space I felt like I was at home, the decor felt right, space felt right, and the only area I could see a true ongoing need for was A/V and future technology overlay. Talking to the team feels like talking to a friend, and then coming into the venue – it felt like a place I wanted to be. I appreciate the design style matching my home environment and the blend that I have experienced in my background in audio-visual paired perfectly with bringing the authentic world-class experience created at each Ease location,” Scott says.

“I have always wanted to give a client what they have paid for – my experience is deeply rooted in high-end design for high-end luxury end-users. With a foundation in sales, growth for me meant putting all my background to task and working with customers seeking high-end experiences. I look forward to designing moments of Ease for our guests.”

Prior to his current role as Ease Hospitality’s Director of Hospitality Technology, Scott joins our team from a global audiovisual design-build and integration firm, in a senior role.

Scott designed and managed multi-million-dollar projects among other responsibilities. His expansive background in audiovisual technology also includes working with longstanding well-known brands and personalities, including Peloton Interactive and MetLife. Throughout his career, he has been awarded accolades such as being named a Commercial Integrator Magazine’s 40 Under 40 in 2021 and worked on numerous multi-million-dollar projects including Coca-Cola’s 100 Year Anniversary Celebration with Natasha Bedingfield, Valentino Museum’s Launch Event, Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, and MetLife Dental’s Global Launch Event.

“Welcoming Scott as our Director of Hospitality Technology is truly an honor. Scott embodies the core of our culture, his experience speaks volumes of his dedication to the rapidly changing industry, to high-end customer service, and to the need for technology to continually evolve,” Founder of Ease Hospitality, Crystal Fisher says.

“We are all thrilled to have him as we continue evolving and providing unmatched success in service. His rare and skilled eye for design, attention to detail and charming quick wit are an incredible asset to our company and our guests. He is absolutely a unicorn-find. I feel blessed to say our entire team embodies a group of seasoned talent enjoying what they do at the highest level, and he is an authentic match. Caring, kind, seeking a challenge and already exceptional at his area of expertise.”

Scott is responsible for continuing to enhance the digital experience and technological integration for clients, tenants, and workforce at Ease Hospitality’s two physical venues @Ease 1345 and @Ease 605 including hybrid meetings and events. With dedication to the industry that is unparalleled, Scott is prepared to usher Ease Hospitality into the future of guest-experience technology, consistently raising the bar of what success looks like for the luxury management company.

Ease Hospitality inaugural location @Ease 1345 opened in February 2021 and is located at 1345 Avenue of the Americas. @Ease 605, opened in June 2022, is located on the 7th floor at 605 3rd Avenue. For additional information about Ease Hospitality, please visit

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