Keyvan Aviation and General Electric

Turkish Aviation Company Sign A Deal with GE Aerospace

Turkish aviation and navigation company, Keyvan Aviation, signed an agreement with US-based avionic producer General Electric (GE) Aerospace.

The Turkish firm will provide its aviation and navigation database to all airlines and operators which use GE Aerospace’s systems.

Mehmet Keyvan, CEO and founder of Keyvan Aviation, said the company has the fourth-largest database in the aviation and navigation field in the world.

Collecting data from 195 countries, the company packages the data with special methods and provide it to shareholders.

Keyvan Aviation Aeronautical & Navigation Databases are compiled from official State sources data supplied to KEYVAN Aeronautical Data Processing and Production Team for the purpose of packaging a worldwide ARINC 424 database compatible RTCA DO-200 and EUROCAE ED-76A and as per EU Regulation 2017/373 the final data process as per DO-201B , ED-77 user requirement and with reference to KEYVAN Aviation DQR. Its expert team interprets and analyzes the provided data. Worldwide coverage for Airports , Airways and navigation data delivering every 28 days to its customers. 

There are only four companies in the field globally, and just one from Türkiye, he said.

Keyvan Systems leverages proprietary solutions while seamlessly harnessing the synergies unsurfaced of data aggregation to empower decision makers across organizations with interest in Flight route planning and analyses , Performance and cost analyses , passenger and traffic analyses. Having the access to millions row of data and customer journey map will help businesses and decision makers to understand more about real market and make their decision based on the real interest of the market and customers.

Keyvan Aviation implements Data Quality Requirements and an Aviation Information Processing Procedure to process data and create the final version of the ARINC 424 database.

Keyvan said the cooperation is big and successful and the company will offer wider analytic services with its certified database.

Tawfic Hammad, a commercial director at GE Aerospace, said his company is happy to cooperate with Keyvan Havacilik and contribute to the Turkish aviation sector.

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