Emirates Celebrates Diwali 2022

Emirates Celebrates Diwali 2022

Emirates announced its celebrations of Diwali 2022. Evoking the joyful and prosperous spirit of Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year, will be celebrated onboard flights to and from India, from 23 to 28 October.

Diwali delicacies will be served in all classes and select lounges.

Serving its cosmopolitan customer base, Emirates celebrates many multicultural occasions on-board from Eid to Christmas, Thanksgiving to Lunar New Year. To honour Diwali, customers travelling to and from Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata, and Mumbai will be treated to a selection of sumptuous Diwali sweets and desserts.

Economy class passengers will savour an indulgent treat of traditional motichoor laddu with their hot breakfast. Motichoor laddus are one of the most popular sweets enjoyed across India in different sizes, colours, and compositions. Deliciously plump flour balls are deep fried and simmered in a sweet blend of cardamom and saffron, to become juicy bitesize laddus. First and Business Class passengers will also be offered an elegant mixed nut tribooj, garnished with glimmering edible silver leaf. The rich treat is made with milk and spices, with delicately flavoured nuts like cashews and pistachios added to enhance its flavour.

In the First and Business Class Lounges in Dubai, flavoursome Diwali delights like dal kachori and vegetable samosas have a deliciously crisp and flaky crust, accompanied by an aromatic tamarind or mint chutney. Motichoor laddus will be available alongside angoori rabdi, a fragrant dessert made with creamy cheese, sweetened with saffron-infused milk.

Even further afield, in the Emirates Lounge Cape Town where there is a considerable Indian diaspora, travellers can feast on nankhatai – Indian shortbread cookies made with flour, sugar, and butter, gulab jamun – decadent dough balls soaked with cardamom, rose water and saffron syrup, world famous jalebi – spiral shaped sweets made with flour and yogurt, and the irresistible burfi, a signature Indian milk-based melt-in-the-mouth fudge.

Passengers can get into the festive spirit by choosing from hundreds of classic Bollywood movies in the world-class ice entertainment library. Before a flight, passengers can browse and pre-select these movies or TV shows on the Emirates app, which can then be synced to ice from the moment of boarding. With more than 45 Academy Award® winning films, 5,000 channels of on demand entertainment, over 1,500 movies and 1,500 hours of TV, as well as Bollywood music, podcasts, and audiobooks, 5 channels of live TV including news and live sport – passengers travelling over Diwali can kick off celebrations and enjoy a memorable journey to their destination onboard Emirates.

Known for its distinctive covering of edible silver foil, the mixed nut tribooj takes centre stage on many Indian celebrations. This rich treat is made with milk and spices, with delicate-flavoured nuts like cashews and pistachios to enhance its flavour. Find this classic sweet on selected flights this Diwali in First Class and Business Class.

The laddu is among the most enjoyed Indian sweets, often used in Bollywood movies, and is served on every happy occasion. Feel the joy in every bite of motichoor laddu served with your hot meals on selected flights this Diwali.

You’ll also find the motichoor laddu and other seasonal treats, including barfi, dal kachori and nankhatai, at Emirates lounges in Dubai and Cape Town from 23 to 28 October.

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