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River Cruises Market Worth US$1.45 Billion in 2022

The global river cruises market is projected to amass a revenue of around US$ 1.71 billion by 2032, up from US$ 1.45 billion in 2022.

It is moving forward with a CAGR of 2% during the forecast period (2022-2032).

River cruises is now a major tourist industry in different parts of the world. In a river cruise, the ship is smaller and carriers fewer people than in an ocean liner. Also, since the river cruiser is smaller, these type of ships can travel in a river and in shallow waters and gives the traveller a chance to explore vibrating cities and laid back towns and villages, and also go in unexplored areas where large ships cannot go.

River cruises as an industry is flourishing in Europe, United States, South East Asia, and Africa. Some popular locations on river cruises include London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, New York, San Antonio, Luxor and Cairo.

River Cruises: Drivers and Restraints

Most river cruises give the luxury of unpacking only once and then the traveller is all set to enjoy the sights and sounds of their river cruise.

River cruises are relaxing, giving the traveller a reprieve from the fast paced urban life and offer great food and great chances of exploring interesting cities, towns and villages that large ships cannot go to because of size limitations. These are some of the drivers that are boosting the river cruises industry worldwide.

However, the traveller must remember that once in a river cruise, the traveller will have to follow the schedule set by the organisers. If the traveller finds one place more interesting, they cannot stay at that place longer, because the river cruiser has to leave the said port. In addition, some of the river cruises are only meant for adults and they are not meant for children. This limits the adoption of river cruises as a vacation option.

River Cruises: Description 

Since river cruise ships tend to be smaller than the ocean cruisers, the travelling experience in river cruisers can be intimate and travelling in some of these cruisers can be really fun.

There is no mad rush to get back to the hotel, as the hotel is always a walk away on the river bank. Also, you have to unpack only once, since you don’t need to change your hotel room always when you are in a different city or a town, the ship is always nearby.

However, the traveller must keep in mind that river cruises are a rather subdued affair as compared to life in an ocean liner where you can dine in different restaurants every night or spend the whole night in a casino. In contrast, since the river cruisers are smaller, the experience on board one is far more intimate and relaxed. Also, unlike an ocean cruise, land is always in sight in a river cruise and the traveller isn’t at a risk of getting motion sickness.

The biggest advantage while on a river cruise is that the traveller doesn’t need to plan each and every step of the travel, since once you book a river cruise, everything is taken care of and the traveller just has to follow the schedule of the river cruiser. Also, since the size of the river cruiser is much smaller, the traveller gets to know each and every one in their group as the number of people travelling together is far lesser.

This leads to a first-hand experience to know different travellers from different walks of life and there is an advantage of getting personalised service from the crew of the river cruiser. Due to all these advantages and the lure of an intimate and a laid back holiday, many travellers are getting attracted to river cruises and such cruises are getting more and more popular.

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