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Air France to Promote French Haute Cuisine in 2023

On the occasion of the worldwide competition for chefs – Bocuse d’Or 2023 -, of which Air France is an official partner from January 19 to 23, 2023, the company unveiled all the great chefs with whom it will collaborate this year.

17 culinary talents showcasing French excellence will succeed one another over the coming months on board its La Première and Business cabins and in its airport lounges to sign exceptional dishes. The only airline to be associated with so many high-flying signatures, Air France is thus reaffirming more than ever its role as an ambassador of French gastronomy and know-how throughout the world.

The company is committed to helping its customers discover the richness and diversity of France’s gastronomic heritage in a more responsible approach, by preferring fresh, local and seasonal products and by systematically offering a vegetarian option in all its travel cabins.

To compose these menus and surround itself with the greatest chefs, Air France relies on the expertise and know-how of Servair, the world leader in airline catering, and its Culinary Studio.

Journey to the heart of French gastronomy

On departure from Paris, this year in the La Première and Business long-haul cabins, menus created exclusively for Air France by French starred chefs Arnaud Lallement, Régis Marcon, Anne-Sophie Pic, Emmanuel Renaut and Michel Roth will follow one another. For the very first time, Mauro Colagreco and Thierry Marx will also add their unique talent to this exceptional brigade. Vegetarian compositions, meat or poultry of French origin, fish from sustainable fishing: all the chefs are committed to discovering the terroir of their region, to passing on their history and their emotions.  

In the La Première suites, the company’s most exclusive, MOF pastry chefs Philippe Urraca and, for the first time, Angelo Musa will bring a sweet and elegant touch to the menus of this cabin worthy of the greatest restaurants.

Air France is also renewing its menus signed by great French chefs on departure from stopovers in its long-haul network. The company is thus continuing its collaboration with the three-starred chef Julien Royer in the La Première and Business cabins on departure from Singapore. Originally from Auvergne, Julien Royer officiates at the Odette and Claudine restaurants in the city-state. On departure from Reunion, in the Business cabin, the menus are designed by Jofrane Dailly, a Reunionese chef working in the kitchens of the Diana Dea Lodge in Sainte-Anne. In 2023, Air France will also offer menus designed by chef Olivier Perret on departure from all of its Canadian stops Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver). This will apply to proposeFrench gastronomy made up of fresh ingredients for the menus in the Business cabin. Originally from Burgundy, the chef can also be found at Le Renoir restaurant at the Sofitel Montreal Le Carré Doré hotel. Air France intends to pursue the development of these prestigious signatures, in particular on departure from the French West Indies, the United States and Japan.

On the medium-haul network, in the Business cabin, the Servair corporate chef François Adamski, MOF and Bocuse d’Or, signs the lunch or dinner served on board all year round.

In addition, Air France collaborates with many chefs in its lounges at Paris airports. At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Alain Ducasse and his teams have signed the Air France La Première lounge menu. In the other lounges located in terminal 2 E (halls K, L and M), Ducasse Paris regularly unveils new dishes to discover from the entire range available. In the lounge located in terminal 2 F, François Adamski joins forces with talented chefs to sign original and seasonal menus. After Chloé Charles, Amandine Chaignot will put her talent at the service of the company’s clients. At Paris-Orly, it is Guy Martin, accustomed to signing the menus served on board Air France flights, who will sign for the first time a dish to be discovered at the Orly 3 international lounge. Finally, in the short-haul lounge at ‘Orly 2,

A more responsible restoration

From today, Air France is committed to offering on all its flights departing from Paris meat, poultry, dairy products and eggs 100% of French origin, as well as fish from sustainable fishing, in all its travel cabins and lounges at Paris airports. The company offers a selection of fresh, local and seasonal products. A vegetarian offer is also available in all cabins and hot dishes are systematically labeled  Nutri-Score  A or B in Economy and Premium Economy. In addition, the children’s and baby menus offered on board are only made from products from organic farming.

Air France is also investing in recycling and eliminating 90% of single-use plastic on board its aircraft by the end of March 2023. On board, it is continuing to roll out plastic-free containers such as plastic cups. cardboard, cellulose trays, bagasse cassolettes or “Bon Appétit” kraft paper bags. Both on the ground and in flight, it pays particular attention to selective sorting and recycling of catering services. In addition, in accordance with French regulations, it provides its customers with water fountains in its salons in France.

As part of the fight against food waste, Air France also offers its customers in long-haul Business cabins the possibility of pre-selecting the hot meal before the trip. This service combines the guarantee of the availability of the customer’s choice and fairer consumption on board.

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