5 Great Countries To Explore on A Budget

If you are looking for the chance to take an extended trip, it is worth checking how much it costs to spend time in a country.

We live in the age of working from home, and with the gig economy and the opportunity to earn money from anywhere, people are taking extended stays in other countries.

In this guide, we’re exploring five great countries to explore on a budget. In these places, accommodation is affordable and so are the basics like food and drink. People coming from the US will usually find them pretty affordable places to spend some time.

What makes countries cheap to visit?

There are a lot of factors that go into the costs of going to a country and what it is like when you are there. For instance, the economic state and whether it is experiencing things like inflation or even deflation – we’ve got you covered here if you’re asking: “what is deflation?”

Currency markets can also play a big part. The value of the currency you hold and get paid in can rise or drop relative to other countries, which means that you can get more when you exchange your funds.


Poland is something of an underrated European gem. On top of this, it is a wonderful place to base yourself for a trip around Europe. Rail travel will help you get to a variety of other countries and see places in Europe such as Austria, Germany, Hungary and plenty of others.

The Polish history museums are very interesting and there are a number of big cities where there is plenty to do. It’s impressive in the winter, when temperatures can drop significantly, but there are actually some lovely beaches to enjoy in the summer too.


Thailand is known to be affordable for a lot of people when travelling and is a classic “gap year” destination. It is also somewhere people go as digital nomads, and it has a community of British and American people who are living and working in the country, where their money goes a lot further.

Thailand has some incredible architecture and beautiful beaches, and it is great to explore if you have a vehicle. The wildlife also makes it a truly impressive country.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not quite as cheap as some of the other places on the list but it is great for those who want to explore a naturally stunning location with amazing wildlife . It has some of the best beaches in Latin America, and rainforests to visit for those who are interested in the natural world.

Costa Rica has it all – beautiful food, amazing volcanoes and great nightlife in certain areas. It’s easy for Americans to fly down to the country, too.


This is another European option – and this is something that might surprise some people – but as well as being a really affordable place to live, there is so much to do. If you visit Sofia, the capital city, you are just an hour away from stunning mountains and even ski resorts. Drive in the other direction for a couple of hours and you can visit Greece. It’s close enough even for a day trip.

Bulgaria is a lush and green country full of lakes and national parks, and it is even underrated for those who want to take a break with a coastline, as there are seaside resorts in the country. While “Sunny Beach” is infamous for its nightlife, if you prefer a quiet break, you can head to Golden Sands, which has a beautiful coastline.

South Africa

South Africa has a fascinating history and is also a warm country with some amazing beaches and interesting cities. You can enjoy so many activities, from spending time watching cricket (one of the nation’s favorite sports) or even taking day trips to enjoy safaris or going up Table Mountain.

South Africa is pretty affordable and like many countries, there are areas that are more suitable for tourists than others. Cities like Cape Town are a good starting point for the tourist.


This may be a list of five of the best places to explore on a budget but the truth is that there are many, many countries that could fit the bill. Whether your idea of fun is going for ski trips and enjoying cold climates or you want to relax on a beach with a cocktail in your hand, there are certainly places you can go where this is affordable for you.

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